Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A True Haunted Story ..

Ahh !!  Today something eerie must be going to happen with me as today I have made my mind so much into Creepy Ghostly True Stories.I had finished my work at office by the late evening and had nothing to do on my hand other than surfing web.If you guys have read all my posts and keep a frequent eye on it you might have known that I have a deep interest in this topic.I had written one story too which definitely could not satisfy the ghost lovers at the end.That post goes here.So I was spending that leisure time by reading the real stories of paranormal encounter on a blog named Your Ghost Stories.I was reading the stories which were from India.While reading those stories I too remembered one incident which happened with two of my friends during my college years.
The incident which I narrated in my last post One Haunted Night At Hostel was scary one for me but at the end could get to know something else which turned it into some kind of funny incident.But this incident was the real one.At least I believed.I actually forgot about this totally but while reading other stories I could recollect them again.

Let me tell you about my college campus.It was situated over 400 acres land.The center of that land was well built and was given a proper structure like College blocks,Hostel blocks and few workshop blocks,canteen etc etc.Other lands were kept as it was.Management used to have them for some other purpose.Those areas were kind of abandoned as no one used to go their without any reasons.  Our campus was big enough to roam for one time.Being a girl definitely I was not allowed to roam over the Boys hostel zone which was 3 times bigger than the Girls hostel.Behind the boys hostel those interior areas used to start their line[as per told by my friends].Guys again I am telling this incident happened with two of my closest friends.The way I heard it,I am narrating it here.

One day while I was over the phone talking with my friend,he suddenly started panting and started running.He simply told me to be on the line.He wasn't able to speak.I didn't ask anything but on the next day when I asked him about what happened last night ? He told me the story.He told that While talking he kept on going inside that junglesome area.He got nerves in him when suddenly he found some male voices discussing in Tamil.Then he realized that he was far away from hostel blocks and alone in that area.He started walking fast and could hear the voices following him and getting closer 

to him.They were shouting loudly "catch him and kill him".Later when he reached hostel area,everything became normal.

When I listened to him I was getting himself cracking jokes on me but when another friend of mine told the same incident I was stunned.

I had to believe this because there were near about 7 deaths in our boys hostel till now.Which was not  at all normal incident.And every time it happened with Male students not Female students.

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