Friday, 3 May 2013

Cherishing Those Four Birthdays

I really have very little to say about it..Today is my birthday..Birthday at home..Obviously for everyone this days comes with so many special wishes and gifts.. And surely for me also it is very special.Don't know how the day is going to be today ??

But I can never forget my birthdays during my hostelhood. Those four birthdays were special and will remain so.Before joining college had no idea about how much enjoyment,fun and adore one can have on that special day.I still remember 2007 when I was about to spare my first birthday over there.I was very sad but for the first time could swallow the taste of joy at 12.00 am... The crowded hosteller's clap , song , wishes and warmth direct from their heart touched my heart and soul.

Every year at 11:30 my roomies used to get me out and used to order me to wait outside till 12:00 .. those days will never come back.I miss it so so much .. Cake throwing plays and all were just unforgettable.

and the last one was most special among all. Miss u guys ... PreethimPadmapriya,Vijji and all others...

Love u all

xo xo

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