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Cinema..Movie..Film and Me... The Filmy Me

We call it Cinema , sometimes Movie ,sometimes Picture and mostly Film and in Bengali Chayachobi  or "Boi".Recently Indian Cinema has completed it's glorious 100 years.In these years many people came,they became stars,few became superstars or megastars,for few we have cried,for few we have died,for few we have bunked classes,for few we have laughed,for few we have fallen in love,then few disappeared forever and remained immortal too in our hearts.

Indian Cinema has always been an important source of Entertainment.Right from the beginning when there was no Television culture,People used to enjoy only Theater,Yatras or Operas.It was more like a festival for everyone.The excitement,charm and love for cinema was surely much more than now.We  have television,computers, and so many other new ways of watching movie now a days beside watching it in multiplex.We buy DVD,or download movie sometimes.Cinemas are easily available in our lives.Sorry for getting somewhat nostalgic and pulling out some different points of view on the culture of Indian Cinema and it's audience of today's and yesteryear's.But as I have already told that I am a bit oldie and love nostalgia.I love to reside in them and if it's about the Indian Cinema,then I die for the black and white cinemas.One of my hobbies are to collect movies of all time,to watch them in leisure time and cherishing the songs of those movies later to recollect the charm and aura.

Recently Bombay Talkies got released and yes it paid tribute to Indian Film Industry.No doubt I loved the movie because it nicely portrayed how Cinema have been affecting our emotions and lives.Yes it is true.Very few are there who haven't even tried copying any styles or fashion trend done by a certain superstar.Be it Women or Men.Be it from the hair cut of Shammi Kapoor or hair cut of Salman Khan's Tere Naam cut,Be it the super hit mustache of Rajesh Khanna's Daag or goatee of Aamir Khan,Be it the super hit bell bottoms of 80's or the today's low waist pantaloons,be it Sadhna Haircut or Madhuri style,Be it 70's big hair puff or Tabu's Hu tu tu style and many more.Can't pen it for sure.Yes Bollywood influences us in that way only.Yes it's true that Gen Y and Z are getting influenced by Western culture more now a days but Let's not talk about it right here.As it is totally about Indian Cinema.

Very few of us know that Indian Cinema actually has completed more than 100 years.Even I was unaware of this until I read the last Sunday's TOI (Sunday Times).Bengali Cinema or Indian Cinema started it's journey with Hiralal Sen's silent films. Billwamangal was the first so called Indian Cinema which was released on 1st Nov,1919.After 6 years of this movie Father of Indian Cinema Dadasaheb Phalke introduced first full length Indian feature film Raja Harish Chandra.

I just loved the article of TOI and could connect myself with it.Thought to write it on last Sunday itself but deficiency of time was the reason.

I feel really proud for this sometimes

That's all I could get into my head and mind to write upon.Hope you have liked it.If I get some more then surely will write on this again.Till then enjoy cinema and enjoy Bollywood. 

Pic credits : TOI (Kolkata) and Google Search Engine
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