Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My Ramp Ready Hair Style

Umm .. an interesting topic to write on especially for us (The Women).Every woman wants to look like a diva.Even if they are extremely ordinary and simple among all.They do feel to be beautiful and pretty in their own way and want to look like a million shutterbug persona.

They say women never stop themselves from playing with mirrors."Mirror Mirror on the wall ?? Who is the prettiest among of all ??".Remembering this fairy super hit dialogue ?? We, the normal , next door kind of girls do walk on ramp when we are in front of our dressing tables.Who cares about it of  not being Rohit Bal's Fahion show or Indian Lakme Fashion Week ?? At least I don't care.So when I really opened up my email and read this topic just few mins ago ,simply made my mind to write on this weirdo female phenomena.

Sorry TRESemmé! ! I haven't used you till now though this topic was related to you.But still I am writing on my ramp ready hair style.

My ramp ready hair style is to keep cool,casual and short hair cut which suits me best.Keeping Long hair is just not my cup of tea.

Moisturizing hair with oil massage followed by washing it off with good shampoo and then a good conditioner is enough for me to get the plain , casual hair style for my hair and yes sometimes Straighteners become good friends of mine too .

That's enough for me to woo myself and others LOLz :)

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