Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I am so oldie...

Give me a whole week,I can spare them by listening to old hits whether in Hindi or Bengali.Old hits of  50s,60s,70s,80s and yes 90s too.But the charm is kind of different for every era especially for 90s. Because I spent my childhood during 90s.I had seen the era so can not feel the absence in that way.I know how people used to be and had seen the living style of 90's people.But which attracts me towards the older periods is the absence and imagination.I can spend my whole day by imagining and thinking of only those periodic days.I love to imagine how simple and nostalgic everything must have been then and Old songs are the bridges to connect me to those era.

Oh !! I started giving kind of lecture here.Started to write on Old musics and was penning about what I imagine and etc etc... Old songs can not be ever compared to the songs of today.The melody is really missing.I am not saying that I reside at the place which is exactly opposite to Modern Musics.I am a music maniac which I have mentioned in many of my earlier posts but still being a damn music lover,I must say that Old is Gold..& that touches directly my heart,makes me to close my eyes.

Each and every Music Director,Lyricist,Singers were legends and still remain so.They are still residing at our hearts by their creation of music which they did once.They are immortal.I would like to name those legendary personalities whom I listen most and I simply close my eyes to cherish their magical creation.

Singers(Female) : Geeta Dutt,Lata Mangeshkar,Asha Bhonsle ,Arati Mukherjee,Praitma Banerjee and Naiza Hassan
Singers(Male): Hemant Kumar,Kishore Kumar,Md.Rafi,Shailendra Singh,Yesudas
Music Directors : Salil Chowdhury,Hemant Kumar,Madan Mohan,Naushad,S.D Burman and R.D Burman 

But every era has it's different fingerprints on their music and it reflects too.Every mood is set to be different from others...and I am loving to be a Oldie Lover

P.S One of my greatest influence to Old Classics is my mother.She is such a beautiful lover of music from whom I have got all the capabilities to recognize the Beauty of Music,The Essence of Music and The LIFE within MUSIC

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