Sunday, 26 May 2013

Because I Said So

Watched a movie named Because I Said So.A really nice movie of Mother-Daughter relationship.
It is not that kind of movie to be remembered for so long time.But surely while watching it I could relate some of the scenes which happens quiet often between mother and daughter.As I have my elder sister so I could see the scene of sister chats too.

Mothers who always make them busy roaming around us to notify us about Do's and Don'ts which sometimes become so irritating.We ask for space and scold them too.We tell them not to interfere in our life,We ask them to leave us alone.But still they do come and worry about us.They take each and every snap of our emotions whenever we are sad or happy.They feel bad but still they play their role.While watching this movie I was feeling the same.None other than mother can ever be your best friend especially for us,the daughters.♥ you ma.... 

And true indeed ... God couldn't be everywhere thus he made Mothers to take care of us...


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