Thursday, 28 March 2013

Woman's Shopaholic Factor !!!

Hello friends !! This post is especially for all the girl readers because as usual male readers might get it as pure Backwass or Rubbish stuff and if anyone among the Men community has already started to read it with a little interest then carry on please !!!

Shopping and Woman are so much interrelated to each other.I am talking about any kind of shopping whether it's  clothing,home/kitchen appliances or anything else.Intelligent guys know how to keep their girlfriends and wives happy.Shopping is the ultimate medicine for all kind of damaged moods.Now being a woman I too enjoy this earmarked factor to be a true shopaholic..

Like Alcoholics have different classifications, shopaholics may be classified in different categories.

a) Hyper Shopaholics : Women who don't bother about how much money they are spending on and how much will be left ultimately after shopping and shop with a Big Huge heart without asking for any discounts or offers.These women keep themselves busy for the whole month in shopping and feel bad if they don't.

b) Brand Shopaholics : Now these shopaholics always do care for brands.They use only few particular brands and tags.

c) Window Shopaholics : Women who spend more time on window shopping rather than the original shopping can be put under the category named as window shopaholic.

d) Common for all Shopaholics : Women who really don't bother much about brands and other factors,who only depend upon their choices and buy whatever they like from anywhere are common for all shopaholics.

e)Bargaining Shopaholics : These women love to bargain rather than shopping.They roam whole market place,enjoy bargaining and then buy according to their choice. 

f)Online Shopaholics : Women who don't care to go out and keep themselves busy in shopping online are Online shopaholics.They surf different websites and wait to catch some greatest deals to order soon.

g) Seasonal Shopaholics : These ladies do shop in much convenient way.They don't do shopping unnecessarily.When they need they shop with an open hand and heart and try to find the best among everything.

So under which category you are putting yourselves girls ?? I am totally under d,f and g category.Think think... Hope you are getting it much interesting.

Once read  in an article that Women get their cupboard full at the time of keeping the cloths in ... but get the cupboard empty while choosing the cloths from it LOL ... True Right ?? Survey says..."The average woman buys 3109 items over the years,including 271 pairs of shoes,185 dresses and 145 bags.It is also revealed that 41% women re-apply makeup five times a day."and yes like I said the survey also says the same.."Women never seem to have enough cloths.Many feel the pressure to keep up with ever-changing trends and this means they are always buying something new." But girls !! have your budget in limit while shopping else the rest of the month you may have to go through crisis ..which is quite painful ☺

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