Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cartoon Tamasha !!!

Hello friends !! I am back and here I am going to write something about my cartoon connection and going to write about few parts of my sweet innocent childhood life.

First of all .. How many of you do miss the old Cartoon Network ?? The Cartoon Network of 12 to 14 years ago ?? I do miss them badly.Sometimes I feel bad for this generation's kids as they are not able to taste those pretty shows anymore.

Cartoon Mania is still in my blood and I love to watch those old cartoons back.Even I do collect too if I get a chance to do so.And if I am talking about Cartoon I  must name my childhood friend Priyanka. We were together from Nursery to +2 .We used to fight,play and share our gossips about these cartoons and definitely she was very good at recommending cartoons.I remember watching cartoons with her sometimes at her home or sometimes at my home too.We used to be so much into those cartoons.I know many of you will nod your head with my taste.My hot favorite shows were

Heidi... touchy emotional cartoon series
of lifetime

  1. Tom & Jerry - who doesn't love watching this show still now ??
  2. Dexter's Laboratory - Di Di and Dexter..
  3. Power puff Girls - ♫Fighting crime trying to save the world♫ (title track ) and Mojo Jojo
  4. Road Runner Show - Bip Bip
  5. Popeye the sailor man - Bluto,Olive and Spinach... ♫ Popeye the sailor man ...♫
  6. Sylvester and Tweety mysteries - "I thought I saw a pussy cat..oh I did I did..."
  7. Courage the cowardly dog - A bogus show which I don't miss at all
  8. Scooby Doo and Scrapy Doo - used to love it.. ♫ scooby dooby dooooo ♫
  9. Johny Quest - He was our dream prince (mine and her)
  10. Swat Kats - I was damn excited to watch this show after I used to come back from school.
  11. Ed,Eid n Eddy - They used to move and shiver always..That's what I used to enjoy much.
  12. Heidi - An innocent cartoon for which we both shed our tears out.Before going to school used to watch this show daily.

And there were few other channels too to telecast few good cartoons as well.Sahara One's Just Kids and Star Plus's Fox Kids.

Sahara One's Just Kids blew my mind once..I was in standard IXthen.It used to have two segments.In First segment there used to be some small short stories which were so good.They were called as Bhalusahb ki kahaani or The Great book of nature.. And then in the next segment they used to telecast the stories which were like serial .. Simba-the Lion King,The Jungle book,Cinderella ,The Legend of the Zorro and Pocahontas.And our favorite shows were The Cinderella and The Legend of the Zorro.Story we definitely used to like but both the charming heroes were in our fascination.Charles and Diego.Even we decided too if Charles was mine then I had to sacrifice Diego for her or vice verse.

Later on Pogo was introduced to us.. Which brought few more shows in our list.My favorite was Pingu and Oswald among all the other shows.Oswald was a soothing cartoon with soothing and calm     background music and Pingu -  the only cartoon where we didn't need to know the language.Their expressions were enough to describe everything :) and Peeppppppppp Peepppppppp,,,, sound was just wonderful.

Those days will never come back.Those days are best days to recollect.I feel past is always good to recollect whether good or bad.Ultimately they become memories.

Miss everything..

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  1. hi, i just searching for pocahantus cartoon as i remembered my childhood days, i found your blog page, it is interesting. thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Hi, do u remember a cartoon which had three sisters and the youngest one learns to play piano. And perhaps they lived in any cold country. It was, maybe, a sahara channel's show.


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