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Elegance of Classical Dance

Dance has been always very close to my heart and soul & if it's classical dance then it refers to only devotion and respect.

Before I start writing this post would like to pranam Lord Shiva,the ultimate Nritya Guru of the Universe also well known as Nataraj and Bhumi,the Earth...

India,an incredible country enriched with variety of cultures , variety of myths..and thus it falls upon the classical dances of India like a shadow of it's own.Each Classical Dance says different stories,different myths related to it's culture,history and beliefs.Temples speak the music,dance and art via the sculptures over the walls.It reminds us about the era of Devadasis whose devotions and sacrifices are unexpressive.

Devadasi , who were the real dancers,who used to worship the deities by offering the beautiful dance pieces,who completely sacrificed their young hood for one single devotion that is to offering prayer and to Dance in front of their lord (Sami).I respect the dedication.

There are totally eight classical dances in India and these all dances have their own grace and speech to deliver.People who are not that much into dance or have the proper knowledge about classical dance,also fall for the grace,beauty and elegance of these Classical Art Forms.The colorful costumes,make up,jewellery always make classical dance catchy to the audience.

Dance is power,Dance is shakti,Dance is another name of expression or Bhava...Dance is all about Taalas , Layas and Raagas. Bols of Ghungroos , Beats of Tabla,Mridangam,Pakhawaj create a different aura & environment of energy and passion.

As I have already stated each classical dances have it's own significance,grace and attraction.
Let's start from North India to South India (clockwise) ..

Kathak - Dance of Uttarpradesh. A dance of speed and ghungroo's bols .For me this dance is totally about expressive face movements and excessive speed of feet.

Sattriya - Dance of Assam.Now how many of you are known to this fact???Even I was unknown to this dance form until I read it in book.

Manipuri - Dance of Manipur.A slow,graceful soft lyrical dance which describes the love and Rasleela among the gopis,Krishna and Radha. Angle wise feet movements are highly attractive for my eyes.

Odissi - Dance of Orissa. My favorite dance form among all the classical dances may be because I am so much into it.It's very much lyrical and fluid like water.Graceful hand movements,Smooth choukas and Tribhangis are in my blood totally.

Bhratanatyam - Dance of TamilNadu.The Fire dance.Most of the girls once in a life want to dance Bharatanatyam or want to dress like I right or not ?? I have met so many in my life.The dance of aggression and anger is totally of Bhava,Raaga and Taala.

Mohiniattam - Dance of Kerala.Dance of Lashya,grace and feminism.

Kathakali - Dance of Kerala.Most difficult dance form according to me and most colorful too.Dance is about the storytelling  and the myths around.Dance of aggression and expression.

Kuchipuri(kuchupudi) - Dance of Andhra Pradesh.A much common dance to Bharatanatyam makes difference by recreating some tough portions of dance using plates and kundis.

At last , would like to say.. I eat Dance,I pray Dance and I dance Dance..

My Admiration 

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