Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dance for fun / Sing out loud / keep your sorrows out

Hello friends !! I am back with my keyboard and my fingers to play with.

So read the title ??  Yes Yes you are right,, May be I am going to be a good adviser in this post.Yes going to give some free tips to have a relaxed mind .I am sure everyone among all of my readers are stressed may be for work,may be for studies or anything else but here I am going to tell you some sweet Funda to follow.

There's nothing better than Music therapy .. It's a complete and best healer for depression,tension and other kind of 'sion' phenomena. Special advice for those who are shy enough to sing loud and dance crazy ... Please !! do that.. Don't bother about anyone around you..Just be yourself... Sing loud with full of passion and Dance like mad .. And you can try mirror too...Just be the hero/heroine of your own film... and those who are already in it .. please carry on !!! don't stop at all....

Ha ha .. !! Crazy isn't it ?? 

So ... say with me again ... 

Dance for fun , Sing out loud
and Keep your sorrows out...

Bye bye ...Good night... 

Sleep tight ..

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