Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Best and memorable Holis of my life..

So today is DOLYATRA. Holi, the most positive and colorful festival of India is knocking  our door.
I love this day.Because it is all about colors.Different different colors to play with.. Um . I just love it.Who doesn't ?? Those who don't play Holi I feel pity for them..They are so boring for me.

Anyways I would like to share few of my memorable Holis during childhood which can not come back ever.Which are gone, are gone forever.So thought to recollect them one by one. 

The very childhood of mine was in some locality named Kamal Park.I spent first 7 years of my life out there.I was a little kid then.I remember that place as very crowded and vibrant area.It was so lively.I can remember standing with my sister and few kids of next door in our lane waiting to throw balloons on some trespassers .Used to have Pichkari in our hands and a holi special hat covering our head.But as I was the youngest one among them ,couldn't use to enjoy the festival in that way.Few times I was being attacked with my balloons back by the trespassers as I could't force those balloons to fall upon in the right way.Those silly plays and funs are still alive on my mind.Later we shifted to another colony where Holi was really awesome to play.But rather than holi,the Holika Dahan or BURIPORA/NERAPURA was more vital.I could enjoy the nerapura for the first time out there only.I still remember that we used to go to different different colony (paras) to enjoy the Buripora while shouting "holi hain" loudly & to have the spicy mixture of burnt potatoes,brinjals and chillis ,they were yummy to have as prashad. Every year the schedule used to be same.First day Nerapura and on second day Holi. But once I just added more fun into it.I was coming from school while I could see few local boys of my age were collecting the stuff for Nerapura from my locality.I turned my brain on and started collecting those stuffs from my garden itself.Old leaves,stems and so much.Made the Buri's place (Holika's Place).Tied it well and invited all my near and dear ones of that colony.I was the youngest among all.They were all didis and we were the ultimate gang of girls.We all gathered and burnt the Holika at my terrace and sang all holi songs.Threw the vegetables while rounding the holika.. We were throwing the colors in the air.It was amazing.But only once I could arrange something like that.On next day of that y
ear only we enjoyed holi also in a grand manner.Here is the picture.
HOLI 2002

And now today is holi too.Still haven't started to play ..hmm hope everyone who are reading this post is going to have a colorful day ahead.Play holi ..play with colors... Bring colors into you life.Forget all sorrows and yes don't leave anyone undone.Put colors and say "Bura na mano aj toh holi hain"..

Happy Holi to all my blog readers.

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