Thursday, 7 March 2013

Proud to be a Woman ..

Woman - First of all would like to ask "How do you people define this term ?? "

No I am not going to answer.This is just a question which I am throwing to you people.Think just Think..

We are Daughters 
We are Sisters 
We are Girlfriends 
We are Soulmates
We are Mothers
We are the fantasy of  Artists.
We are the definition of Sculptures.
We define beauty.
We define Intelligence.
We are Mother Teresa.
We are Kalpana Chawla.
We are Shakuntala Devi.
We are Miss Universes,Miss Worlds.
We are Madonna 

we are etc etc......... etc
and last but not the least 

We are WOMEN..

I am proud to be a part of this Womankind.Who doesn't ?? Every girl or a woman does so.But do they feel proud ?? Now you people must be thinking who are they ?? They are those women who live in some restricted area so called as Red Light Areas.Yes I am talking about prostitutes who are banned in this well civilized society though created and maintained by this society itself.They are busy selling their lives,their joy,their emotions and obviously themselves for other's entertainment.We wish Women's Day to all women we meet daily,we visit in life.We give examples of famous personalities like I did too here above.But do anyone really feel proud and pity for them ?? My women's day is dedicated to all of them who do the biggest sacrifice a woman can ever do but unfortunate they are always suppressed by our visionary award of Good Impressions .

Pretty Sad ... Respect to all of you ..

Now would like to say few lines which I feel very much from inside.

The real women's day will be the day when everyone including womankind will start respecting themselves except neglecting.The women's day will be the day when no girl child will be killed.The women's day will be the day when we will not read any rape incidents in newspapers.The women's day will be the day when no daughter-in-law will be forcibly killed by her in-laws.The women's day will be the day when no girl will be sexually harassed or molested in Bus,Train,Metro or any public place and The Real Women's Day will be the day when everyone will stop comparing Men,Women and will look up to the renaissance of mentality to avoid such cheap thoughts.

Proud to be a Woman...
and at last would like to wish every woman out there


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