Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Thoda hain thode ki zaroorat hain

While humming to the tune of Kishore Kumar I simply thought to pen down this post with this song title as my post title.

We the living human beings, the luckiest creature of this Earth are always busy for this second "thoda".We dream,we hope we bind all our wishes together and run to make these true and claim it as Thoda.. We get more and wish for even more .. We think it as a little more ... 

Expectations never die and should not be sometimes right ??

For these little little expectations only we are dreaming more and more and living to make them happen.

Sopno jodi na i ba thaklo 

Jibone ki ba roilo ??

" ♫ Thoda hain thode ki zaroorat hain ♫ "

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