Monday, 30 July 2012

Life without MY PC

  Life without MY PC

This had been always a nightmare for me... and at last it happened to me in last week.. For past few days I have been leading a PC-less life... Already in my past blogs I had mentioned that I am a Internet,Computer Freak ... I spend most of the times in front of computer only..Television must have been sad for a long time.. In office I sit in front of PC ... do my stuffs and after office hours when I am in home also I do crazypantis with my desktop..... 

But the hell happened in last week when I could see my both hard drives to get damaged one by one and I just could not do anything rather than watching it ...  after that all the hardware related problems started and still is going on.. It is under it's medication though it hasn't gone to hospital but soon it will go... My hard drives were my kids ... had set up and stored such a size of memory which I have lost permanently.... (so always have a back up) which I didn't do for half of the stuffs .... The pain,the sorrow which I am feeling can't be expressed... Writing is such a thing which makes me feel "Yes !!! tell me . I am there with you " type thoughts.... so expressing ...

But I wonder ...while consoling myself was thinking about the early life... my childhood.... or before era.... We are becoming so much dependent on gadgets and electronics that without that particular life is becoming miserable... Just like the emotions which I am feeling now... I am feeling so helpless.. But the time when people didn't have these stuffs used to be cool and self dependent.... I am trying all the possible ways to console me .. as much as possible ...but ultimately ending up with a sad emo on my face.... Anyways Whatever happens,happens for good the last line to console me... 

                                                                                                               ©Debarati Datta

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