Monday, 9 July 2012

A Perfect Shadowy Holiday at Home

I have always imagined a perfect holiday like this which I am going to write about .. It's like one kind of my dream .. it's not like that I haven't got any chance to spend my day like this but still not perfectly .. It's Sunday today.. the day is exactly the same how I imagine it to be like .. Gloomy, Cloudy and Calm Sunday ... Spent the morning beautifully like I always imagine .. don't know about  the rest of the day ... Let me share What I actually imagine about a perfect mushy holiday...

A gloomy,shadowy holiday after long ,busy life ... there is one balcony just in front of my bed room .. From the balcony I can see the scenic beauty of Sea  and can feel the chilled breezy wind coming from the seashore and can listen the sound of the spontaneous waves.. suddenly it starts raining lightly ... the drops which fall into the glasses of the window can feel my face and I just look at them with a blank expression and try to touch them ..a special lazy morning ... only listening to the sounds of nature ..

And then start my morning with hot cup of tea.. first sip of tea and with that listening to few Bengali tracks of Shreya ghoshal's vocal and Anupam roy's music [Shreya's voice is so lyrically calm and smooth someone's vocal can be ?? Whenever I listen to her new modern Bengali slow musics,I feel extremely relaxed and yes Anupam Roy'e music and lyrics are so natural that we the common people can relate it nicely.His tunes have really something different rhythm..sweet melody ]...or few bengali adhunik geet .... slow soft sweet musics ...  ♫ ♫ ♫  love to live like this..

and what about the rest of the day ?? Working for home .... right ?? But yes definitely it should not be so serious and boring one... Why not to try something special ?? Decorating home in an exclusive innovative way and then making some delicious food for my dear ones .. and oh !! yes the music must go on .. Some spicy recipe discovered from Internet and just to give it a try..yummy !! and then to Give a surprise to my family members by decorating the lunch with small sweet message to Ma  and serving it ☺ ☺ Happy Lunch Time☺☺ ..

After heavy lunch on a cloudy day after a long busy schedule definitely it's the time to have a sweet short good noon sleep ....In my imaginary holiday I just can't exclude it ... and after getting up just have to have Garam Chai and Garam Garam Pakode or Samose... Yummy....Holiday at home and not watching movies ?? It is just impossible for if  any small INOX  can be formed in home with loads of movies and  bucket of popcorn,French Fries or Nuggets ..then ?? Just amazingly wow... ☺☺☺ I am a movie freak that too I enjoy movies more in
home rather than watching at theater.. cuddling with pillows,sitting or lying on Bed,having my favorite snacks on my hand and watching a family flick with everyone .. I can't think of any holidays to be spent without excitements  like this...This is just appropriate for me ... and then time to finish dinner and then again one horror flick ... may be alone or may be with my sister...Night time... Raining lightly outside.. Dark atmosphere and one great horror flick .. Just awesome .... ► ► ► 

After this sweet holiday at home it's time to say Good Night ,Sweet Dreams...♥♥ I have always dreamt of a holiday like this .. It's not like I haven't got any kind of day to spend like this.. But yes sometimes it happens and sometimes not .. as I have written in the first part ... the Sea part,which definitely can not be possible all the time as my home is not near to sea LOL ☻  But yes as it's not coming all the time to me,its still an lovely imagination to me... I love to  keep it like this for my lifetime ☺ 

                                                                                                                          © Debarati Datta 

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