Saturday, 7 July 2012

Jab We Met.... Me with Internet..

                                                          Jab We Met.... Me with Internet

'Internet'....really a miracle to everyone... when I was in class X, I was introduced with Internet for the first time...OMG !!! What actually was that ??? At that time Yahoo had a rage over the nation.. Yahoo mail,Rediff mail and obviously Yahoo Chat Room and Rediff Chat room ..... Oh yes !!! First time went to cyber cafe with friends just to see how does it work actually ?? What actually used to happen in chat rooms ?? it so interesting... Which I get bogus now....aghhhhh !!!! Whatever .. everything was so interesting including emails,chats and etc.... But yes now time has totally changed.. Internet means a lot sorry a ton to me..

Without internet I feel so numb.. Not only me I guess everyone like me who daily spends maximum times into it.. I am a download freak... I am so so so much addicted to internet... as the days are passing by I am discovering myself doing every activities on net..Now consider this... I had a very good habit of writing diary..But now for the sake of bloggers I find it damn easier to type rather than writing with pen...It's so easy...if it's internet First comes in mind is to GOOGLE anything and yes FACEBOOK...I know that "Facebook"ing is nothing but kind of wasting time..But  kind of addiction is there ... Before that there was something called ORKUT . as Life is moving forward,including me everyone is just getting into it more more and more .... 

Internet has just made our life so easy...whether getting connected with friends and families,having video chat,calling and blah! blah! blah! blah! .... All the apps are so so much of fun that we can't live without them ...

As I told I am a download freak... If I am in front of net,then just forget to see me sitting idle... You must press CTRL+J and check what's actually going on ??? I have become so  much dependent on Google search Engine.. that for any small queries or doubts I google them..Suppose have to make something delicious for lunch or dinner..Just open few cooking sites and get ready to make that..or anything.... I just love surfing net... whether for news,latest updates and anything..

But I really wonder sometimes that How did the old generation survive at that time ????for applying a job post also people used to carry their Resume along with them and had to rush from here to there...but for Internet everything is so simple and just a click away..whether it's matrimony sites,Job sites,Banking Sites or anything official/un official work ...It's just like you are holding the world into your hand..Really I agree that Internet is fun but it's actually snatching all our own activities away and  making us paralised..In my childhood itself there was no such thing called Facebook or Google or any terms related to internet..but still we used to have lot of fun with friends and family... When I see a kid of IVth standard opening his/her Facebook Account I really get amazed.. and the games which we used to play outside once,can be played inside of computer now..Isn't it making all of us Numb ??? 

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