Friday, 27 July 2012

Reservation ... Stop it Please

                                          Caste Reservation ... Stop it Please

                                                                            ............. Just expressing my view towards the caste reservation system in India as a democratic citizen.Not to hurt anyone intentionally.

Going to write about one of the most controversial topic of India...about the caste Reservation system..It started from 26th November,1949 ... I mean the constitution was adopted..The constitution text was prepared by Dr.B.R Ambedkar who was the victim of being accused with untouchabilty at that time...For that he made that law of reservation only for SC/ST people .. But that was 1949 ..Scenario was something else.And now its 2012 .. Scenario has changed totally..At that time SC/ST people used to suffer from getting the golden opportunities and now GENERAL candidates do the same.. Caste discrimination .... the inequalities... I just hate it..not only me I guess there are so many people around who are also having the same thoughts and  opinions.

What was the need of Reservation ?? It was to help those people who was helpless,didn't have any strong background and financial support to study,those who were being accused of untouchabiltiy and those who belonged to minority..It was the then time.. But now in India RESERVATION stands for Caste discrimination and it is just the another way to make a rich ....richer.... 

I won't say reservation is bad.Reservation should be their for them who are poor,don't have the financial status to have their food,education not for the " aam aadmi " who are already employed in Govt.Sectors and getting much per annum.Before giving the opportunities Govt should  really check the financial status of any family.Only people under Below Poverty Level should be getting the reservation quota.


It's very sad to see that in every field whether it is education,financial,or any kind of career related issues we can see this discrimination...For General it is one kind of rule and for SC/ST/OBC quota it's too different....Any Govt.Competitive Exams  Quota claims to pay only 10% of the actual amount whereas General pays 100% ..cut offs are different from General..definitely much lesser. Special coaching classes for these exams are arranged for free but only for SC/ST quota ...  In schools,colleges the admission quotas are available where their cut off marks use to be very less in compare to General ... Now if this is the system ...Where is Quality ?? What is Merit ?? What is Talent ??? 

India is the only country where talents get ignored due to quotas... For which quality is degrading day by day ... In Govt.Sectors we can see the same.Tradition wise father -> their kids -> and so on are getting jobs easily .. Having minimum percentage in exams but  still getting these much advantages . These are really depressing .. 

One Scenario :

Two persons..One is General,Other SC/ST ..General scored  23 in some Govt exams whereas cutoff was 24 ...could not qualify...But the SC/ST ... got 21 and qualified .. how ?? Cut off was 21 only..
What will you say about this ??? Reservation started before 63 years ago..Then the scenario was something else.Backward and minor communities were really behind than the normal society ... But now ?? this is 2012... in these 63 years SC/ST people are not getting ignored and not getting insulted too ... then Why is INEQUALITY ???? India should bring the equality among all the people..everything should have done in merit and talent basis .. No discrimination ... No partiality..
But really doubtful this case is .. Don't know whether this EQUALITY is going to come or not ?? 

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  1. Reservation is bad per se but its too difficult to end it. Its not only for sc/ st but also for some people of regional area. If govt tries to debar it ,it may create serious issue in center- state relation where majority of population are dominated by sc/st. In India there gradual development of regionalism which may get fuel to fire and ultimately lead to balkanization of Indian states.

  2. I just saw your Cartoon , This cast reservation started after 1947, at the Time of Ambedkar. Think about the Time between time of Rigveda and 1947 a huge time period ! i can say the reverse process happend during those period lower cast treated as slaves dont forget the past while putting such racist cartoons !

  3. The fact is fact .. Even in that time Women were allowed to choose their grooms in Swayamvar. You can't bring that now while talking about equality. Don't be biased. Think equal, think logical. Your comment was like .... no comments on that further ...

  4. Hey Anonymous Uncle/Aunty.... Yeah, there was a time caste system was a serious problem and thanks to Mr. Ambedkar for taking steps to annihilate the same..But I guess you forgot one thing..It's 2016, not 1947 when lower caste used to stay in rural area...or the Urban lower caste were not allowed to engage in same professional activity like the upper castes...Now a lot of 'So Called' lower castes are working in higher post in Govt. Sector, who gets an sms at month end as 'Your Account is credited with salary for January 2016 of amount INR 50,000'. And you want me to believe that they still need reservations? Really?? Ofcourse....The spoiled brat of 'Mr. Lower Caste' should not die in starvation in future..After all, there should exist few peoples who should have taste of the fruits of hardwork, done by few other people... Hence, reservation will help them for their daily pizza and burgers...And I know how much they care for those who really need reservations, atleast at the primary level....
    Use some amount of intellect, provided you have...And you will find the picture is very much anti-racial....


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