Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What's REAL in Reality Shows ??

                                                                               ------   my blog is not meant to hurt someone or not to blame any channel..it's just my own opinion.

I think it was 2001 when in India we started watching the reality shows ..I am not considering KBC as it was kind of game show rather than any talent hunt. Reality show which means everything in show which gets aired on is Real..Definitely people liked it.Till then public was there only to watch as audience..But reality shows are some kinds of shows where public demand matters..It was channel V who launched their first show "Channel V Pop stars" a talent hunt show for forming a band..that's too only for girls.. I was a kid then..The idea concept everything was so attractive and innovative that I started liking and watching it..not only me I guess there are so many among the readers of my blog can still remember the show... that's the way VIVA formed and their album released.. then MTV roadies a different reality show which just blew the mind of  Youths and still now blowing ... no doubt regarding that... And then time by time we could see the shows which started the unique voting system .... Audience poll.. it means we will spend money and give as many votes as per wish for any contestant to win the show.the trend was super duper Hit.Zee Cinema Cine stars was the first show to launch this unique poll system .It was  First cine talent  hunt show.Then the renaissance Indian Idol ...OMG !!! the most popular show in trend the then time. Come on !!! who didn't vote via mobile ?? Few years ago also we could count the numbers of the shows to be seen... NOW ???? is it possible ?? In each and every region,every corner of India in all channels we can see different reality shows,talent hunt shows ... Days are passing by... channel crew members are inventing new ideas too ... and making new shows ...  Talent hunt for singing and dancing was there already.Now cooking , stealing girlfriends,parents ,fighting,breaking ups  and many more are also in list... and we viewers are also watching it,spending our time to see some pre made on screen fights,emotional moments,on screen marriages etc..and yes voting also..

But don't we miss the shows like "TVS Sare-ga-ma-pa","Meri Awaaz Suno","Boogie Woogie" ?? I do miss them so much...Those shows were so innocent,simple and deglamorous ... where no one could see any kind of  business motives .. no show offs... no big hoardings of some participants stating some pre written dialogues... We call these shows as reality shows.. But are they really REAL ??? or just to gain TRPs.... I really don't have idea ..Sometimes I think these all activities as Fake drama.. the fresh talents who are actually winning the shows are just getting lost within the sand of time.. that's very heart breaking. It's true that few people get the famed platform to show their talents which they might not be able to show anyway before...but that too  for sometimes... I guess... how many of you can remember all the winner names ?? I have forgotten most of the names...few can be remembered... it's not that I don' t watch any of the show .. I do watch... but at some point of moment I get them totally Fake.. everything is just so "No-REAL" type...

I don't know readers how did u feel about my post.. you may have got it quite harsh ... Again I am telling it was just my opinion.... no to hurt anyone.. [Apology]..reader's comments are highly welcome... Thank You.. ☺☺☺

                                                                                                         © Debarati Datta

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