Friday, 27 July 2012

Wanted Fair,Slim,Beautiful and Homely Girl !!!

                                                 Wanted Fair,Slim,Beautiful and homely Girl !!!

Last Sunday while reading newspaper simply started browsing my eyes over matrimony column .. just to have a lil fun .... the strange thing which is hard to believe was common criteria of selecting a bride... In Bride's section maximum I could see was " Wanted Fair,Slim,Beautiful and Homely girl "
.Sometimes the beautiful was coming as " very beautiful " too .. really quite weird for me... In this 21st century if girls are to be judged by her complexion and beauty,really nothing to say .. 

All respected parents of the groom are willing to have "Chand sa roshan chehra" for their son,it doesn't matter how he looks or what does he do... Now India is country where average complexion is "wheatish" .. and this is also known fact to everyone..But at marriage time only Fair beautiful ladies are prioritized. Weird... !!! another misconception among maximum Indians is that beautiful girl must have to be Fair..if dark then she can not be called as beautiful.. What the hell is this ??? What the mentality is ?????? if it is so then better all respected parents go to Western Countries and search for your "nayee navili dulhan" for your "ladla beta".. just kidding... I have seen one of my neighbourial sister's case..she was of dark complexion and was having sharp features and attractive eyes.. she was talented working modern girl..When she met with her boyfriend's mother,she got rejected just because she was dark.. Poor the lady is for having this kind of mentality... and I am sure Guys whoever is reading this blog must be getting reminded by some of the cases like this....

Another important criteria is to have homely nature.. now what is the criteria of being a typical homely girl ?? I guess the girl who is capable to manage home,knows to deal with family and knows to do all home related works and stuffs ... right ??? but does that mean to be shy and too much girly type ??? " sati savitri type " ??? But in shaadi ka market it is so ... 

Really weird .. !!! frankly speaking it's kind of terror for me... I don't know what phase I will be going through when I will participate in this race ??? LOL ....just kidding .. But it's sad to see this kind of situation in this modern era.. where looks and complexion still matters for people ...

                                                                                                              © Debarati Datta

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