Saturday, 30 June 2012

A Date with The Night

                                                                 A Date with The Night

A date with the night.... yes.... only me and the dark night.. we both are together.... now spending a quality time ..What could be so relaxing other than this ???me,the girly girl and him,the handsome night... Me, enjoying him and the dark handsome night is just giving me the opportunity to feel him...there are no worries, no deep thoughts except being myself... Enough space between us to make us feel special..He is all around me.... embracing me from all the sides....Like other so called dates there is something ,with which we can easily move few steps right now.. Only me and you..... No expectations from each other,no are just a miracle to me... With you I just want to be everyday... Though it's not at all first date of us... But today I am feeling so special with you....Watching at you for long time is just magical.. and you don't speak to me also..I feel shy sometimes.. Just want to be with you always..Don't know when will I get to spend few hush hush times with you again ??? just want to say that You are lyrically beautiful...and I will owe you for this lovely date ever..

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