Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Journey ... from Princess to Mrs..& so on

                                                  Journey ... from Princess to Mrs..& so on

I hope after reading this title you guys have understood what I am going to write about... Yes I am going to pen about the transformation from girlhood to mrs.hood and then motherhood and so on...I am a girl ..though I am spending my girlhood now,but yes after few years definitely have to pass through these stages of responsibilities..I am writing this for the girl kind..Not specific with anyone.

"As Princess"

Let's start from the beginning... A girl is born.a little princess to her her brother..and obviously to her mother. lives in her own world...highly pampered. no responsibilities..does whatever she wants to independent butterfly..I am not saying that this is so much applicable for all the girls in this world..Because still few unfortunate girl foetus doesn't get the chance to see the world..[ Let's not see this from negative point of view..and talk about the goodies..] I have seen that a girl if not much pampered also,is like princess for her parents especially to her father...For a Father,his daughter is like a doll with whom he would love to play,spend time for long,make her up as he wants..I have experienced this and still experiencing..all father's have the same characteristics ..They are Caring,loving,Possessive  and yes a father can't tolerate tears on his daughter's eyes...For  hmmm !!! I am becoming emotional and yes getting distracted quite...

"As Girlfriend"

As she grows up and starts to have feelings for someone special with whom she starts building her dreams to be with , learns to compromise,to adjust,to forgive,to understand few responsibilities..She learns to love newly.. starts finding a true definition of love.. and yes of course starts thinking herself as mature enough....

"As Better Half"

For every girl this time is the most crucial time and most heart touching and of much responsibilities too.Within a fraction of second a girl leaves her old identity with which she grew up until her marriage.. [by adapting a new surname].. and the time she leaves her father's den is most heart touching..She goes to another world,quite unknown and  yes from that time she is Mrs.XYZ.. She forgets her home of 23 to 26 years..and adopts her hubby's home as her own.. calls his mother as Ma,father as Papa and so on...Few girls are lucky enough to be gifted with sweet in-laws and few do not..The girl is mature now to adjust with every  circumstances ,to compromise with every problems,to overcome from every obstacles and so on.. Each and every step she has to learn and she has to compromise...Maximum girls compromises their wishes,wills, in dependency and learn to make everyone happy in her home.. She becomes the key of the responsibilities....

"As Mother"

Every woman should be thankful to God for gifting this most unique role to play in this Universe...Motherhood...Best part of being a Woman..Its so emotional to think and feel..For nine months long a mother carries her baby...Biggest responsibility which one can have is to be a mother.. She tolerates all the pain for the well being of the child..the emotional attachment towards her kids can't be shorten  if the child grows up enough too... She can do anything for her child..She can go desperate also to protect her baby..  Mother, the word itself is so divine and pure... Mother's love and care can't be compared to anyone in this Galaxy ever..She loves her babies,protects her babies till she last breaths in ....

Could write this much... I guess this blog space is too short to write all thoughts.. The motherhood can't be described..It is to feel only..Highly grateful to God for blessing me with a life of Girl .. I am proud to be a woman..... so telling all girls also to enjoy womanhood.. 

                                                                                                                                       ©Debarati Datta


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