Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The language of Music and my love towards it ...

                                                  The Language of Music and my love towards it  ...

 "Music has it's own language " .. And I am thankful to god for gifting me that power to recognize that language..

Music,the magical creation of God which just makes me to go deep...deep..deeper into it.I really don't remember the time when did I first fall in love with music.. Definately childhood..But yes as the days are passing by and I m growing little older , I can feel all kind of music in a different way with different emotions..I guess that's what we call as maturity..

My connection with Music started from Childhood when I used to see my mother and sister playing Harmonium and singing classical ... But actually never got interested to learn music technically..It's not that didn't try to learn Sa Re Ga Ma Pa... and playing it on harmonium but not too deeply..

From childhood I have seen my mother listeing to old hindi classicals,bengali classicals including Rabindra Sangeet,Nazrul geet and gazhals on the other side..She is just a true music lover from heart.. Still now I notice the same..When I was a kid she used to tell me and my sister about the Indian music and it's history.... And obviously getting the title of " music lover " is kind of "Genetic effect" too...

Music ... heals my pain .... any kind of music and it's beats,rythms just touch my mind..I don't believe in genre of music... I love to listen all kind of music .... the language of that song doesn't matter ... As already I have mentioned I think music has it's own language which expresses it's emotions and feelings itself...

I have got my love towards Indian music from my mother.But love towards Western music is from my cousin brother and my sister.. It was kind of influence .. Whether it's Rock,Pop,Soft romantic or country songs .. Just need the proper beat to make me gaga for that song ..

Now I will write my feelings towards different genres of music ...

Indian Classicals
Indian Classicals musics are like feeling speed and the temptation of that music..when Different Taals,Raags are being played together .I feel like closing my eyes and give the proper dance steps with that beats .. or if it's kind of Bandish of tabla or any kind of musical instrument then better to close your eyes and get lost into the world of Music untill it starts to goosebump....I remember the songs "Mile Sur Mile Tumhara " and "Baje Sargam" which used to come in DD National long time ago...What an compilation of portraying Indian Classical Music.. I just love it..I have that video and really enjoy watching the video..

Like other Bengalis,RabindraNathTagore's composition is closely attached to my emotions..It has a unique magic in it .. It can change the eternal meaning of an environment within a fraction of second...His compositions,music and the lyrics can touch everyone's heart....I wonder how could he feel all kind of emotions which one can have in his whole life ??.from childhood to the last stage of life ???... When I listen to RabindraSangeet ... it's kind of blessing then ..not having enough words to describe.

Old Hindi and Bengali Classics
Old Hindi Classics... includes Ghazals,Bollywood old romantic songs..I don't know why do I love these songs.. Old hindi classic songs are like eternal..They are so simple and heart touching that from hours to hours I can listen to this.In Childhood used to find it as damn boring.But as the time is passing by I am falling in love with these oldies...Another thing which attracts me towards it is an  emotional attachment.I can feel my mother whenever wherever I listen old melodies..As I have already told that Ma is true lover of music and she loves to listen old hits.. When I was far away from home I used to listen all these to feel Ma... Salil Chowdhury,Sachin Dev Barman,Hemant Kumar,Naushad,Laxmikant Pyaarelaal,R.D Burman etc music's and golden voices of Gita Dutt,Hemant Kumar,Lata ji,Asha ji,Manna Dey,Rafi ji and Kishore Kumar steal my heart always..Thanks to Masti Tv and Sony Mix for bringing up those golden days back again at night everyday.

Disco Deewane
Talking about Disco songs and how can I not mention the name of the Disco Queen ...Nazia Hassan..OMG !! I just love her songs.When I listen to her husky nasal rocking voice I can't stop myself from grooving and moving...Disco Deewane,Boom Boom and few other tracks of her and Zohaib Hassan. and yes For this also my ma is the influence..She is the one who told me about Nazia Hassan and her Aap jaisa koi mere zindagi main aye...Those disco pop songs will remain new to me always..

Folk songs
Folk songs are like the sweet fragnace of your culture,language and the real outcome of someone's true emotions,love whether for someone special or for the nature,the mother earth...Bengali Bhatiyali Songs,Palli Geetis can take me to the nature's world.It has pure "maatir taan" in it..The beats of Jhumur or Santhali or Baul music pushes me to match steps with those beats..and yes the folk songs of Assam "Bihu" are just lovly.How beautiful is that to see and to listen ... I just love folk songs.. In India each and every state is having their folk music and each folk music is having its different flavour..They all tell some story or expresses some feelings of their culture and makes themselves unique amongst other songs...

Rock and Pop songs
Want to have a party mood ??? then I just turn these songs on and get the party mood..That's all ... Dance with those rocking beats and groove to the music..For enjoying this one is the best medicine.

Soft Romantic Songs
When I am all alone ..I just listen to soft romantic numbers...switching off the lights,listening to these numbers and I forget my living world and get lost into the world of dreams and thoughts.. Somewhere,at Some beautiful place where I imagine myself sitting and enjoying the scenic beauty ...


Music is like Oxygen for me... I sleep Music,I eat Music,I drink Music and atlast but not the least I breathe Music..Thanks to God again for such a wonderful creation of art..

                                                                                                                           ©Debarati Datta


  1. how well you have expressed your feelings about music. given the depth of your understanding, i would invite you to explore jazz and western classical music too, since i noticed that you tend to view rock and pop as, shall we say, less relevant than the earthier music you have grown up with. give it a try, it is very meaningful too. glad to have found your blog through indiblogger. loved this post. keep writing. will be back for more.

  2. @subhorup Dasgupta : Thank you very much for appreciating my post.. Yes I have tried jazz and western classical too... hmm ok will be more into it ..Thank you :) :) :)


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