Saturday, 16 June 2012

What Do I feel,When it rains

                                                        What Do I feel,When it rains 

This time I am feeling extremely relaxed ... Don't know why ?? I guess the weather is the only reason behind this..Personally I don't like monsoon much ... But if it starts raining with cool breezing air after a long sunny days then How does it feel ??? I just love it ... And now actually had no plan to write but this weather forced me to do so...But now I am all alone can't share my feelings with any one.. so started penning my thoughts,feelings and my mind.

I love the first muddy smell which comes from the ground .... ummmm can smell it,can feel it .. I feel like flying in the sky when it starts blowing the wind... Just standing in terrace or balcony and feel the air.. or dance with the nature's lyrical and musical beats all alone... Extremely relaxed..First rain ... and getting wet with the earth ..ummm awesome feeling... In Kolkata at this moment it's neither raining heavily nor it's a storming wind... It's the breezing romantic air which is refreshing my mind,my tiredness and all the depressions... 

When it rains heavily for one day,especially if it's nighttime , I just keep quite and go near window... Few drops come to my face and I just listen to the sound of rain .....It's like healing out all the pain ... And it becomes wonderful if I start playing slowly few romantic soothing tracks which suits the weather ... I love to listen the wind chimes's bell which goes gaga after it gets touch of the wind ....  Just a calm and quite place ..Where I can be all alone and feel the bliss of the nature... 

                                                                                                                            ©Debarati Datta


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