Sunday, 22 March 2015

I don't need any reason to be HAPPY.. and that's a god gift

No No, I am not faking. It is true. I love to be happy and I love to wear a smile on my face every time. My sister tells me that as a child I was a very reserved kid,used to smile only when I used to feel. Weird to listen that now for me. Because, that is an extraordinary case for me.I laugh mostly, and smile usually. It is not that I never feel sad or depressed. I do like others, but still I feel that I am fortunate enough to have my eyes,ears, nose,hands, legs working properly  and enough money to live a healthy life and a happy composed family to leave with, few bosom friends to share my life with and few well wishers who shower good wishes on me. Isn't that enough to be happy ? 

But still on a good note, sometimes to distress also happiness do play a very good role. And obviously money doesn't buy me happiness. Ever or any expenses . My happiness comes along with my few obsessions, few likes and few weird little things. Here they go...

First thing which makes me super happy is - Dance and Music. My regular readers know how much I am crazy about these two things. Even if I watch someone dancing, my legs do shake in rhythm and that fills me up truly. Music fills me up. And when I learn new dance steps I laugh laugh and laugh. That pokes me up like reminds me that in your life you have got something extra again. I have written some poem to express my love for music which I am pasting here.

In the prolong engagement
with  you 
I have been trying to grease 
within you 
Every time I listen you
I search for the substance 
that blends me down
into the softer side of my own
I break, I splinter into many moods 
I close my eyes, feel you
if I meet you 
I shed some drops of  enlightenment
that makes me feel to leave my body 
and to live with my soul
and think
where do you come from
from wind, soil or the sky
I try to touch 
but the strings of creation 
do play and echo around the whole
the amalgamation of Rhythm, Beats and Tempo
snatches  my soul
blends me down
into softer side of my own
I break, I splinter into many moods
I close my eyes, feel you
and yes I meet you



Second thing which makes me feel happy is to cook or to make something creative.Happiness of creation is something which can never be brought with any other thing.

Third thing which makes me feel so happy is to spend time with family, friends and surely that reflects on my face too.

Fourth thing is playing with kittens, puppies. Oh ! that is so cute ... 

Fifth thing is to feel happy. Because it is the most important thing to remember. If you push yourself to bad thoughts, tension and other negativity, happiness will bid tata and leave... Whatever happens in life, happens for some good reason which we realize in future. That is true.

I am attaching few pictures of mine 

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