Monday, 6 April 2015

Perennial Pal

Everytime whenever I try to match up my words with Guru Tagore's songs, it makes me feel shy. But I feel to write because I can relate myself to the words. Not only me every one can. Because he spoke human emotions and their different reflections and thus he is THE GURUDEV . Today I have thought to write one of my very favorite song in English. I just tried. It is not meant to depress anyone's personal feeling. If I have done so. Pardon and forgive.

Chirosokha cherona cherona more ♫

চিরসখা, ছেড়ো না মোরে ছেড়ো না।

Dear Perennial Pal
Leave me never.. No never
Be there when the vast lineage gathers us
Be there beside 
at fearless independence,
even at dependence
and also when the silence is escorting ....

Be the wealth to those unwealthy chaps
Be the parent of those unlucky orphans
Be the strength to those weaks 
Pour the youth into those old & brittle creeps
Be the sage and be ocean of merriment

Dear Perennial Pal
Leave me never.. No never

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  1. You have laid out a wonderful tribute to Gurudev!

  2. I am glad that you have liked it ☺


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