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Dance is what I do live for

First thing which poked my mind while reading the happy hours tagline was about the day when I realized once again  that I should keep up my dance again. So here how the story goes.

Like every other Bengali household my mother too insisted me to take up dance lessons in childhood as she saw me following my sister's footsteps. I was 6-7 years old by then. My elder sister was already learning Kathak and was already in a duty to teach me some home lessons in free time. In my kinder garden school I was the only one to perform solo dance, that was taught by my kiddo sister (didibhai). so I joined Kathak classes and started learning the Kathak basics,Taals, Thekas and other related lessons. But I was too young to understand the value of it and frankly saying attending classical classes became nightmare for me. I found it boring and tough enough. Gradually I grew up and faced hectic to manage time between studies and dance (Though I realize now that if there is a WILL, time matters least and excuses become ZERO) so I quitted learning dance. Time flew. I passed my +2 exams too and was told by my parents to join classes again. Though I was enjoying my simple dance programs, I still wasn't in hurry to join classes. But then suddenly I was sent to Tamilnadu to pursue my Engineering . Tamilnadu, a place which is much similar to WEst Bengal in the matter of practicing and respecting the heritage of Art and Culture. Tamilnadu is a place where a day starts with carnatic bhakti geet and sounds of bell ringing in temples, a place where most of the girls learn classical dance as ritual and where people can praise any talent of Art. I was like able to connect myself more to the music of South India and the rich culture of Tamilnadu. No doubt, I too have been grown up seeing the culture and art of my city since childhood. So it was like my only way to feel the connection.

Then a day came in 2008, which just flipped my mind and made my decision so stronger and that changed my present too. It was Women's day celebration at my hostel. All hostel girls, wardens, principals & chairperson and to perform as own wish. Most of the girls participated there. Even I too sung few Hindi songs, many sung, recited and delivered speech. But the magic happened when some girls insisted chairperson to ask me to dance. I had no option and I had to dance then. They played "Mere dholna sun" from Bhoolbhulaiya that time it was a big hit and I danced madly like no one was watching. When I finished I saw something which I never expected to have happened. All girls were bursting out of joy and claps. Many outcomers too entered our Mess, all the staffs who were absent were seen standing here and there clapping for me. It was like crowded place and I was the only one to stand still. Many came, hugged me, wished me and few came up with teared & happy eyes. Most importantly chairperson held my hands and took me to her room, told me to sit down and relax, offered me with milk & food and then slowly praised my art and told to continue. I was shivering with joy and out of my mind.

On that night I decided to take my once again because I realized that I could entertain people, give others a visually empowered joy through the language of my body, my dance. During college I couldn't start up taking lessons but I continued performing. Later when I came back to Kolkata finally and got a job, I started learning  Odissi from scratch. Now I am pursuing my 5th year in Odissi and learning  more, more and more. Though I barely give my time to dance on weekdays but I devote myself on weekends into dance. I dance for my joy. I dance for my happiness and I dance for getting the freedom of my soul. It is the only way via which I can connect to the supreme power. Few say I am obsessed with it, few say I am mad because my hands and feet both move if I listen to music and match up the rhythm. But yes I want to dance & would love to live with it till I take my last breath. I want to die seeing myself dancing within me.

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P.S Such a co-incidence in writing this post. Today is also Women's day and the day I mentioned was also the same. From 8th March, 2008 to 8th March, 2015 the biggest change that has happened in my life is that I have completely immersed in Dance and would love to keep on doing it.

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  1. so inspiring :) i want to be there for your concert some day :) keep dancing and stay happy :)
    lots of love
    your bro
    sachin :)

  2. dance is my soul... i am inspired by ur story.. will soon start learning again.. got lost somewhere in the myraid of jobs, marriage, family et all... thanks again :)

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  4. I wish I could dance...but if u change the word dance with sing....that would be my story.
    Could so relate to this one. New to your blog. :)

  5. wow nice to know that :) Thanks for reading my blog :)


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