Saturday, 21 March 2015

Calls - Messages and Missed calls ...

Anything "First" is always special and it is true no matter what, we can not forget that. Just like the same way today I am going to write about my first mobile phones that are so so so special to me. Here my memories unfold ... Read below.

It was 2004 mid, and Reliance just boomed the concept of mobile phones in universal manner. It made everyone feel that yes mobile phones can be used by everyone. I used to see my father using it, though hardly used to touch that. Then Tata indicom introduced many offers. Indicom's chal chalachal offer was one of them. Watch the video here.  So when I was in my +2 and saw few of my friends using cellphone(indicom) I was kind of excited. At that time, cellphones in student's hands were a rare scene to see. It was like spoiler and I knew my parents would never buy me one. But if I think of something, then I try my best to get it. I started saving my pocket money more. I used to walk and save the money that Papa used to give me for rickshaw, buses etc etc.And gradually in Jan, 2006 the piggy bank calculation summed up to 2400/-. I was sure to buy a cell phone then. But I still was immature and coward enough to buy a phone alone. I eventually told everything to my mother like how I saved money and how I wished to buy a cellphone etc etc.. Shockingly she didn't get angry and was happy to see me saving money for a wish. She agreed to buy me a cellphone with that money but yes just knocked me to keep one thing in mind, that I should not hamper my studies for this. She told me everything has a time and I should follow that. I agreed her and then we both went to a local mobile shop to buy a cell phone.

Finally I bought it with 2200/- and that was like a diamond for me. I still remember keeping that in my pencil bag and while studying to open that bag and to stare that for few moments and smile. Then there was another excitement of messaging. What kind of joy that was. Inexpressible. Messages and giving + getting missed calls were immense pleasure. 

Then I bought another cell phone just a year & half after the first one and this time it was color display with polyphonic ringtones, with built in nice games. That too with my pocket money. The same piggy bank. That phone reminds me of loads of memories of college, as I was introduced with free message scheme by Aircel and forwarding messages was like a trend in. 

My first two phones. I still have them with them
They don't work at all
but I just have kept them

The gift with Indicom's cell.A cd with so many loaded nice songs

So If I get a MOTO E with  myself ... I would like to have and obviously I will have precious memories with me connected with that cellphone. Memories can never fade and they are so valuable. Sometimes in future I may write up another blog post about my memories with that MOTO-E 

written for #ChooseToStart 

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