Friday, 13 March 2015

Life has always something new for you ....

Everyone defines their life in their own way. Many situations do come in our life which change us in various ways. Sometimes they become the reason for our maturity too. We become sensible and more responsible.

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Even I too had have some incidents in my life which were a thorough lesson for my well being. From depression to attain a normal healthy peaceful life was a tough job but fortunately I did it. I understand how much have I changed in past 5-6 years. My way of visualizing anything has changed a lot. The things which would have no meaning are worthy having my attention. When I had my worst time of my life (till date because I don't know what is going to come up again in my life) like others I broke down. Unfortunately not only one incident kept knocking on my door, but multiples. Seriously I broke down. But it is true, everything which is happening has a reason behind it. Or it is like we tend to take those as lesson and then make it a good reason behind everything in future. Whatever it is, it actually makes sense & seriously it made sense in my life. Thank god my depression didn't take me in another side of darker sphere. I just found myself in a new horizon and that was the time when I revived knowing my heart and mind in a new way. I drowned myself into my hobbies and suddenly with depression and vexation I started writing down again and started blogging (so here am I). I used to write in childhood, just like every other kids do, maintaining a diary of daily life. I did never know that I could write in a way which can please many readers. The happiest moment for me was when I first got a best wishes comment on my blog. I really felt like "Does anyone read my blog? Can my writing be liked too? " .. huh ... what else can be so pleasing than this ? Isn't this a big thing? Since then I keep myself available in blogger and seriously it is an immense joy

Another thing I have learned to not expect. Because expectations kill. An emotional fool like me can be killed very easily. I find happiness in very little things but day by day gradually I have stopped thinking about my future, I have stopped planning my future, I have stopped expecting anything from this life. I just know that I need to go on and work. Because if I am honest with my doings in life, I will be rewarded with some good and positive thing that I should not think of before my work. I see people running in race to compete each other. Even I was also like this once upon a time. Who doesn't right ? We are all living beings and everyone has their dreams to live big. But frankly saying I compete with myself now a days. I compare my life from past few years to now. That defines my betterment.  I hate feeling jealous of others, I hate to compete with each others, rather I love to listen if something good happens to someone. Because if they have it, they have owned it with their own work, deeds and fate. What will I do with that ? I see most people to get gloomy at other's betterment. That hurts me. I don't know why. I only know that I have taken birth as human to live a peaceful life where I can only learn more more and more. At the end of the day of life I do not want to regret of not living it. God has created me thus I should be responsible of taking care of it by removing all negative vibes and to emerge myself into the sea of divinity. I may sound weird but that is how I am and I know that this is good. This feels good and really if someone really wants to enjoy her/his own life then the best way is to not compare with others. Rather keep on learning and happy for the things you have achieved till date. Come on, be your own identity and stay blessed . I may sound so philosophical. But that is how my few experiences changed me in that way. I feel that the life with a healthy body, enough wealth to live a life in justified way, with beautiful parents, sweet sister is a bless. There are many who take birth as a human but are unfortunate of not having many things. I am living a far better life than them for God's grace and that is the reason I should be happy for.

I dance, I write, I cook, I sing out loud, I listen loads of music, I paint and I do these all because these make me feel happiest and independent. Creation is always beautiful and the joy of creating anything is immense. Life is one so it is best to take out the utmost squeezed flavor of it. 

I love my life and I love the way I am living it now. #StartANewLife

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