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The day when I viewed the vision as he did once and still does... # Together

I believe each day spent with our loved ones becomes memory for our future. Little moments filled with various emotions enrich the importance into it. But talking about a single memorable day is really tough. Still I have thought which one I am going to write here. If you are reading this, I know you might like this too. Because, movies have shown us much about it but reality is far bitter than this. I am going to share the way my father narrated his experience of being in Army and the way he feels for the ignorance the soldiers face until they are needed.

I can not remember any such days during my childhood when I heard my father sharing his boyhood during his service period. But he opened up all to me once before few years. I think he thought that I was mature and sensible enough to feel the pain of soldiers, the real heroes. And yes he still shares his lost days, memories, the vigorous fun, struggles and the life of ARMY to me. I feel so happy to hear them and that joy can not be expressed here. First of all I feel very proud that my father was a soldier and I feel prouder when I see him still thinking about the martyrs and soldiers and I feel so good to see his motive, the way he still serves best to help the martyrs and war widow. He is retired now but not mentally. He gives his most of the times to Ex-Services League Kolkata, planning for the benefits of the veterans and war widows along with his escorts in this journey. All of them are old by the looks but youngest by the heart and boosted up bloods. Few uncles are above 70, few are above 80 and maximum are above 60. The association itself is so inspiring and motivating, proving that age is just a number.

Papa during his Army days..

I have been hearing many stories, untold stories, the death stories of soldiers who are dying each day in average at the borders. While narrating these stories I have seen his eyes to sparkle in water. He however stopped every time but I could feel his pain and since these moments I have decided to support him from my side and do my best to encourage him. Being a civilian I have least to do in this matter but whenever I get chance I have asked him to give me the permission to gather some martyrs fund #Together. What I could hardly was to ask my friends to donate for the martyrs on behalf of my father and write up some articles dedicating to all the soldiers of India. For past two years I have been writing for them in their annual souvenir and whatever work related to this my PAPA brings at home we share it and do them #Together. I just wish my father and his ever green companions stay fit and carry on this noble work till the other Indians start doing for martyrs from their own initiation. 

Few lines for them written in last time...

Miles and Miles I run,
I walk, I stand 
and yes the civil fun,
I abandon ...

When others sleep and dream deep,
I hold my promises to keep.
I stay awake
at the silent border of untold history
to unfold mystery ... 

Hours and Hours I stand still,
when the Nation celebrates the festivals 
I fight with the heavy metallic gun
and hundred of risks I kill ...

Time to Time I die,
but I never feel to cry
nor feel to shed a drop of tear,
Because I never learned to fear
I feel proud to serve better
for my nation 
and to accomplish a mission ...

I might die and leave my shell of soul
but I know I will be awake
within thousands of soldiers spiritual force
The nation might forget me 
and people might never talk about me
but I know I will be awake
and I will stand still
beneath those millions of flowers
at one of those WAR MEMORIALS

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