Friday, 30 January 2015

Scratch and Burst !!

Total Silence....

sounds of scratch ... Khass Khass Khrushhhhh ..... 

Skin - Oh I am itching so much, colorful nails please do scratch one more time. I bet I won't call you again.

Nails - Oh yes yes !! I will always help you dear skin. After all you glow so much and I can't bear the tingling sensation you are getting. Wait let me scratch a bit harshly.

Skin - Ah .. Thank you .. but it is still paining.

Pimple 1 - Hello friends, will you escort me in this short and firm journey? I am coming for a little vacation. Just thought to come up and get some air.

Skin - Noo... Nails do something. I told you to scratch well right? then how come the pimple appear with this ease. Just cut the base of that stupid tiny pimple.

Nails - yes Madam. Wait !! Ready steady and here I am ... Haaiiyaaa huu.. (squeezes the Pimple 1)

Pimple 1 - I can not believe it. This much cruel how can someone be? I didn't come up and you just blew me out? wait now you will see me. I will leave the dark spot right there where you just buried me. (weeps badly)

Pimple 2 - It seems pimple 1 is crying out there. I should go and see.(Pimple 2 comes up)

Pimple 2 - OMG... you are dead Pimple 1?? I will take the revenge now. I am not going down. I will stay here and grow big and invite all other pimples to come up and unite to fight against the odd which has happened to Pimple 1... Yay.. Attackkkkkkkkkkkkk

and this is the story of my skin ... for last few years my skin, nails and those tiny idiotic pimples must have had the same conversation. I had used Garnier Pure Neem face wash once and really got good result, but as the story stated there, the pimples come up for short vacation and then become fighter.They just spread over and over.
and more over so it becomes really tough to care for skin in such a way after a hectic tiring day. But yes Neem is the natural and the rooted herb which cures many health problems so yes if it is about NEEM then that is always to be appreciated. I beg of you pimples .. to leave my skin alone and yes do not test the temper of my nails. Please help me out !! 

Many will agree with me right ?? Put your hands up ... 

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