Monday, 12 January 2015

Music and its expressions - for me

How incredible this Universe is ... It has defined the music in many different variations.. and of course the instruments which we human created a long years ago define different emotions via their chords... Few of them bring out the inner sorrows and just let us get immersed into it.. Few of them spread the color of happiness inside us.. few let us feel to fall in love.. Few grabs out the inner power and aggression to open up.... and then few put us inside the pool of soul satisfaction to loose the outer shell... It is blessing from GOD that we have been able to see music, feel music and create music.... Thus these all emotions get a true meaning of themselves .... what else should I say... I am magically concatenated with it...

I always feel that Sarangi is very "Abhimani" - "Heart saddening" but leaves a deep wound of thoughtful emotional breakdowns which are pity to feel but tremendous to listen..

On the other hand Sitar defines many moods such as the threshold of being happy, the different emotions our minds do play with ... Love, Agony, Anger and many

Flute has been always soothing since Krishna started playing it. It has a magical spell of purifying the heart, the soul. It is something which explores the Bhava of Prema and Shringar.

Tabla is as powerful as it strikes on the Dayaan or Bayaan. Same as dhols. It forces to match steps with its bols. So powerful so extrovert.

I just scribbled something here. But acknowledging that I didn't think twice while writing this up. So if something has got missed. Mercy me. I will write a tutorial someday on Indian Instruments.

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