Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My Freedom lies in there !!

After my last try on writing some lines based on Tagore's thought and emotion, today again I felt to write some more. "Amar Mukti Aloy Aloy Ei Akashe ♫" is the song which I have been listening more since last two days. This song inspires me a lot, a lot. I tried to express the meaning with my words. This doesn't have any intention to hurt anyone. Since childhood Tagore has been my biggest inspiration and like other Bengalis I too breathe him in. So if you find any mistake, then please have mercy on me.

Artist : Tagore

My freedom lies within the bright sky,
My freedom resides in these earthy dust 
and walks along with the grasses ||

There somewhere beyond my form and soul
I lose myself,
with the tune of melody 
my freedom flies up and above ||

My freedom persists among other's spirits,
among the daring and brave steps 
of ignoring weakness and fear...

It is the Universe of Prayers
and let us lit the fire to sacrifice our soul 
and our life
and there my Freedom comes down ||

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