Monday, 26 January 2015

Bird People

So here I am and stopped by to pen about the movie I just finished watching. Yes like the others I have written before, this too will be my straight opinion about the movie Bird People.

We all are humans right? but the busy schedules have made our lives a bit intolerable, confined and suffocating. I guess at some point of time, we all want to breath more and more. We feel like staying alone, leaving the mess and living a healthy life with no worries and responsibilities just for a change.

We make this wish, at least once in a life to live like a bird, a vagabond and a free spirit. 

This movie was slow, unrushed and a study of several lives though mainly focused on two different lives. The life of Gary - an American business man and the life of Audrey - a student cum part timer hotel maid. Both lived a life which they had to live, like everyone else. Money is the sweetest thing for survival. But a point came when these two people got bored and started feeling stuck in the monotonous lives they lived. Throughout the movie they met in some unusual ways, excluding for the last time. But only one thing was so bridged in between them and that was a wish to live life like a bird. From the beginning, various moves of sparrows have been nicely captured and especially the time when Audrey just lived a night living like a sparrow. Isn't it different and so exciting to fly high as you wish from here and there, to watch the city like Paris at night and then mostly to observe various people's lives like how they sleep, how they eat, what they do at leisure, how they talk and how they work etc. etc. Audrey just observed everything. She flew, whispered, sang songs loudly while flying and just playing out topsy-turvy. I don't know but since childhood I always wished to fly like bird and to observe others. This movies just showed this. You believe it or not, I felt it amazingly and started giggling with joy. LOL.. and at the end when Audrey woke up at morning she was relaxed and amazed by the life she just lived in her dreams and also co incidentally met the man whom she saw sketching last night apparently and also got fraction of time to get introduced with Gary and then the movie ended with a soft touch..

so I am going to paste the trailer where the scenes are included. Please do watch the trailer.


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