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Hi !! Everyone ... I guess you all are doing fine and finally set to read this post.If you are a Kolkatan then you must enjoy this post and if not then also you are cordially invited to read this post please !!


Hmm ...  THE GOOD OLD BAND DAYS ... the title itself might have drawn the outline of this post.Yes you are right !! I am trying to re-call the days when Renaissance of Band Culture took place in Bengal ( specifically KOLKATA) , when everyone started loving the "Bangla Bands" and their songs,started seeing their LIVE performances in college fests.

It was year 2002 when for the first time heard only one song of Bangla Bands.That was Bhoomi's "barandaye roddur".I really didn't grow any interest within myself to listen band songs then.Then on 2003 I got into it with the help of my big sister.She was in 1st year and was in Future Institute of Engineering and Management.She was the first one to spoon me the taste of Bangla Bands.I started learning the names such Bhoomi,Chandrabindoo,Cactus,Crosswinds,Miles,Poroshpathor and of course Fossils and it's lead Rupam Islam.Fossils,which surely brought people's love for rock bands atleast for people like me who were not much into rock genre.I started listening to all band songs which my sister used to collect from her college mates.Hmm .. I was in school then..I was in class X.I still remember me studying at home and seeing my sister to come back home after enjoying her college fest with Band's Live Performance.Then she used to tell and explain me the live experience,how band singers used to sing,how college fest used to be,how they used to enjoy those performances.Oh !! long 10 years.... 

I still remember once I called my sister while she was in her college fest,I could hear the loud audience and the blurry voice of Mr.Anjan Dutt,she picked up and told me that next Fossils was going to perform.I was so damn excited standing beside our landline that I started bouncing on the floor.huh !! I visualized almost everything through my didibhai's eyes and her words.I used to draw my dreams to enjoy my college fest just like my sister used to with band performances which was so so much during 2003-2006.

Writing so much about bands and how could I forget Mohiner ghoraguli..The pioneer band of Bengal.Though that time I was not familiar with all the songs of this band except few.Telephone,Ghare pherar gaan and Sohore ushnotomo dine ,Prithibita and some others and again I thank my sister for this.

Hmm!!  here are some of them to bring back your lost days which are surely connected with these somehow.         
sedino chilo dupur emon ♫

hasnuhana ♫

sudhu tumi ele na ♫

Bishakto Manush♫

dil doriya re tore ♫ Bhoomi

Juju ♫ Chandrabindoo

Hope somewhat memories I could take out by these songs.So much more are there so didn't post them here.Some bands are still there and some are lost somewhere.Don't get that charisma and those songs to listen too.Hmm may be the time has changed and taste too.But these songs of those days will never be old for sure.


P.S ... I bet that I am the only person who still hasn't attended any LIVE popular band performances although being  a KOLKATAN throughout these years...Shocking ?? But it is true..Being a Kolkatan I haven't got any chance to enjoy it in LIVE ... I feel bad .. but LOLz it's a very special feeling.. 
Is there anyone like me among my readers ?? Then please comment..   :) 

for those who got their luck to have it please !! share your experience and tell me whether I could jerk some of your memories related to THE BAND ERA...

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  1. First off - I have never been to any Bangla band concert, though I quite enjoy some of the bands and think some of the music is great stuff too. I grew up with the original Mohiner Ghoraguli, and there was this feeling in the air that we could possibly be looking at creating an indigenous music genre by putting blues, folk, jazz and baul together in a Bengali way. Unfortunately, that only went that far, and the later iterations were too deeply driven by rock, metal, and urban to explore jazz or folk art any more. The lyricism of Suman and Anjan and the urban sensibilities of Nachiketa did help, but Bangla rock needs a big upheaval to reinvent itself again. Thanks for the videos. I think Chandrabindu and Bhoomi are real neat acts with some great tracks too.

    1. Hello thank u for commenting on my post.Oh !! I used to think I am the only one.Yes mohiner ghoraguli's songs have surely some earthly contact with western touch.But I grew up listening the others only.Chandrabindu is undoubtedly good and humorous sometimes ...


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