Monday, 24 June 2013

Salute to those Green Men

"Our God and soldier we alike adore. 
Even at the brink of danger; not before;
After deliverance, both alike requited.
Our God's forgotten, and our soldiers slighted. "

- Francis Quarles (English poet), 1632

Isn't it very true ? How many of us (the civilians) remember them usually or how many of us think of their greatness normally ?We do find their best doings only when a terror-some war or the extreme point of danger attacks us.We share thousands of pictures in Facebook claiming "One like One Salute" or "Jai Jawaan".But how many of us really get to know about how many army personnels are tributing their lives while creating the safety shield for the country ? No newspaper,no news channel ever telecast or show-cast their stories of death or any loss and damage.We see thousands of news mostly related to politics or crime daily.But hardly we get to know about the real forgotten heroes.

They sacrifice their happiness,their emotions even if they are into real trouble.Their family suffers which surely causes them to suffer but they know only one thing that they have to do for the country.
Say for an example,now when Uttarakhand is in deep injury and these green men are trying their utmost,we are daily saying and feeling for them and after some days we will forget them again.

Careless the Government and careless we all are about them.

Respect from my bottom of the heart to all of them who daily fight for our country and to my PAPA who once served for the country.

I awe all your experiences told to me which you had during the 71's war and few other Live Riots.Thanks for helping me to feel the pain,trouble you all go through,to feel the fun you do during weekends,to feel the discipline you maintain throughout your whole life.


Thank you PAPA  for upbringing my respect towards DEFENCE SERVICES and SOLDIERS .

Proud to be a daughter of an EX-SERVICEMEN..

P.S Though I have mentioned much on The ARMY,it doesn't mean to hurt the other DEFENCE personnel's sentiments.

--- with Deep Respect

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  1. Very Meaningful post and very well-written! :) We often forget the REAL heroes of our country while being awed by the REEL heroes.I truly wish that all the brave-hearts who guard our country giving up all of their personal lives,be given their DUE respect and credits!

    1. Thanks dear... yes thanks for sharing your views..


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