Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Oh !! Raindrops

I can spend  a quality time on watching the falling raindrops on the glass window.They fall spontaneously.Sometimes take another drop to make it bigger and flow down with a sudden track..I was in office when it was raining heavily.The drops were falling on the glasses and my mind shuffled some words like this

Oh Raindrops !!
you fall upon the glass-door
keep your footprints,
cool like a seashore
and a romantic glimpse...

You hide the world
behind the window glass,
making it blurred
you bluff the chaos...

Oh Raindrops !!
I see you flowing from the top,
flowing with a rhythm
to touch another drop...

Oh Raindrops !!
Please don't stop...
Drizzle like you are doing now
I love gazing upon it somehow...

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