Saturday, 29 June 2013

Giggles of them

It's an instance of 7-10 mins approx..

Few days ago probably 3 days ago while I was on the way to my office, a gang of 5-6 girls got up into the bus.They were school goers.They were hardly of standard VI or VII ... They were having fun by themselves to the utmost unaware of the other passengers.They stood right in front of me.

Their innocent smiles,giggles,their sweet immature talks reminded me my school days.Among them only one girl was highly talkative and an expert of doing mimics of their teachers whom they hate most.I was observing them and started laughing at their jokes.I found myself totally into the teen-hood suddenly.I was remembering the way we used to make fun of our most pathetic teachers and their styles of teaching, the way we used to praise our most beloved teachers, the way we used to fear our exams and etc etc.I was smiling until they noticed me staring at them.

I didn't want to spoil their talks and didn't want to make them realize that someone was watching them and listening to them during that rush hour.They felt embarrassed and kept quite which I am quite responsible for ... (BAD) 

After few seconds they got down to their desired destination and I followed my eyes behind them and could see them smiling at me from the bus stand.Bus started moving and I could still hear the GIGGLES OF THEM....

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