Sunday, 2 June 2013

She dances in Rain

|| Sky has got itself it's darkest
Clouds are playing in the ground
She is at her room
watching the sky
and waiting for Nature's moves  ||

|| It has begun waving the air
Freedom for everything
to move here and there
She is awakened enough
to get up at the terrace now ||

|| She is alone and watching the Ponnur Hill
that green hill stands alone,
 surrounded by all black clouds
amazed by the view
she is spellbound ||

|| It is raining massively now
she is at the terrace
watching the hills and rain
feeling the absence
& the silence...
Silence of human words
and giggles.. ||

|| Oh here it is!!
She can listen some beats 
and rhythmic sounds..
feeling like crazy girl
she is dancing all alone
Dancing with the hits and beats 
of falling raindrops ||

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