Sunday, 23 June 2013

A GIRL in the NEW City

No No.Don't confuse.It's not the same which Konkona wrote in Wake Up Sid.It's my column and my writing.I think my writing can relate to all newbies who leave their hometown far and stay in a new different city for the first time alone.Hope you will like it.If anyone is relating this topic then you are invited to share your view and experience as a comment.


She can hear some different words which she has never heard before.She is still in drowsy mood,thinking to roll over the bed for sometimes more.She knows that her mother is going to call after sometimes to get up finally.Just the time she closes her eyelids with a clumsy mind she got shivered by some unknown words again.Some people around her are having conversations with some unheard,uncanny words.What ? Where is she ? Isn't she at her home ? Just before few minutes also she was at her bed only.She is scared and terrified.She gets up in some ghastly way and looks around with her astonished eyes.

She realized that she is not at her home.She left her home just before One and half day.She is at her upper-birth in the train along with some unknown strangers.She is realizing the truth and switching on her cell phone.But there is no network....(sigh)......She wants to hear her mother's voice.She wants to weep but she is not able to.

She is getting ready to get down to platform now.Heavy with the luggages she is trying her level best to walk fluently.New place,new world she feels now that she is in the NEW city.She is 17,she is missing everything that her father used to do to make her feel safe.She is alone and can't even tell her father "Papa these are heavy !! ". She can see some people are trying to surround her and shouting "Coolie !! Coolie !! Coolie !! ".She ignores and feels a little scared and tensed.She is now at the waiting room,keeping all her luggages and taking some rest alone.She goes nearby the Balcony to view the NEW CITY.

It's not even lighted into Morning.Dark skies and dark-some early morning are making her feel very different.She is realizing and realizing.She is gaining and gaining more and more confidence which she needs to have.She is consoling herself to not get scared.It's just another city like her hometown.

She watches the people,the taxi stand,the auto stand,the coolies.She watches the Government General Hospital's big building just right opposite to her.Time is passing by like this and she is now much familiar to the sight she has been watching from early morning.

She is now much relaxed and cool.She has set her mind up to love this NEW city,the culture and the people and to start her life inside this NEW CITY.She starts now... and goes on and on ...

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  1. Nice ... and very closer reality than Konkona Sen Sharma's writing in the movie :)


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