Saturday, 6 April 2013

Let's Fall in Love with Aashiqui 2 !!

♫ Tum hi Ho .. Ab Tumhi ho..Mera Chain Bhi Mera Dard Bhi ..Meri Aashiqui Tumhi Ho... ♫

After listening to all the tracks of Aashiqui 2 I am literally feeling to fall in love again.I am getting everything to feel the  same charm,passion,depth,innocence of romance which used to be during late 90's.I guess after a long it is going to be a pure romance based movie.

No no I am not talking about the so called ROMANCE which we see in present day's movies.It's all about Love,Love and Love where you people can feel the warmth and depth of Love.Woh kehte hain na aajkal .. Ishq wala Love(though quite funny to write this wala word but to express the vein and  artery of my definition of Love had to use it ).

90's onscreen romance was all about Sacrifice,Craze and to be passionate for your lover.Those love used to be so natural and full of innocence.Holding hands,seeing through each other'e eyes and singing or proposing inside a public party or something and an extreme case would be to die for the other.

Definitely these words are sounding so stupid for many of you people.Because we are much intellectual now.We only understand profit and loss.We are becoming so heartless and cruel day by day.We are forgetting commitments and emotions.We are simply standing as heartless,emotionless selfish creature.We are forgetting to fall in love time by time.

But hope few people are still there with soft heart and true emotions who rarely forgets everything so quickly. In this world of rare Aashiqs hope Aashiqui 2 will poke our minds at least the meaningful songs of this movie.But the question is how will be the movie ?? That we all can know on 10th May.Until we have to wait only.Hope people unlike me are also eagerly waiting for this movie.

Fingers crossed for Aashiqui 2 

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