Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Journey with a Stranger part III

Ahh it is a story about today evening.Just few hours ago.Unlike my last two stranger's post this journey was in auto and of twenty mins long.But I felt something good may be strangely funny and exciting to share with you people.

God's blessing or anger don't know The Thunderstorm Miss Kalbaisakhi made a sudden cameo appearance at evening today in Kolkata. I was on the way to attain my dance class after office which unfortunately I could not accomplish.I was inside an auto towards Ultadanga. We were only three as passengers.The lady next to me was near about 29-33 age group (who is my stranger for this post) and another man of middle age was sitting just beside the rowdy driver.

Oh !! what a Thunder it was..Aj kuch tufaani karte hain ?? Though it is exciting to feel the incident now but the time when I was fighting with the queen of weather,I was really feeling so so odd and insecure.Not only me the stranger lady was also feeling the same.We were expressing our feelings through Issh,Ema,Baap re Baap .... and started talking and laughing ☺.I was feeling like I knew her from so beginning.We were cracking jokes.She was so kind to share her dupatta with me as I was shivering badly from thunder ☺ Aww... We shared... and that's all we reached Ultadanga and had to say tata to her :) 

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