Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sweet Honey Drops of Music

I am not sure how you people are going to take this title ? Ummm ... I could not think of anything else to describe her voice.What else can be so smooth and sweet other than honey drops ?? For last 11 years I have been her fan and a true follower.Have always updated myself with her latest tracks of all languages.First time I could plot her in a Bengali channel just 11-12 years ago.She was having a long hair braid and was wearing a salwar-kameez and she was with very simple looks.Her innocent face and down-to-earth nature always have attracted us(the listeners).Can you guess now ??

Yes I am talking about the present Nightingale of Bollywood Miss Shreya Ghoshal.Everytime she mesmerizes with her sweet,innocent,lovely voice.For me after Lataji if anyone could ever have the same magic to keep listeners eyes closed,that is only her. I feel like closing my eyes to feel her honeysome voice.They are like a string of  santoor playing with water.Her voice depicts the ultimate feminism.Every girl from inside can relate them with her voice.A song if we want to sing for someone special ,the feeling of every single emotions can be drawn by her voice and 'Nat Khat's. 

Recently I am listening ♫Sun Raha Hain Na Tu ♫ so much.Till now I haven't found any of her song as  bad or worse .. If that song doesn't have that much sound in it,she pours the rest and makes it more more soothing.Her Tamil track "Munbe Vaa" is at top of the list and rest all songs are my very very favorite tracks..Space will be less if I go on writing them.

May God bless her always and may this living Saraswati of present generation keeps on singing and keeps on mesmerizing us.

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