Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Oh !! me as the BOOK Reader !!!

Just right after one week here I am blogging again..That too at this time ?? the office hours ?? 

My neck and my shoulder helped me to take out few times for my own when I am simply taking rest at my home and snatching out few leisure times to fulfill my hobbies..

So reading ?? hmm I am not a great and passionate crazy reader.I do read sometimes and that too few short stories.Today it was a strict order from my mother's side to not spend time in front of computer as it is causing a serious trouble ... But how can I stop that ?? How can I stop typing for this when I have plenty of time on my hand ??

So suddenly today I thought to be a reader and took out this book from shelf and started to read.Only the first few pages could be finished.The book is so smart by it's name itself.. and so smart it's writing .. A kind of biography (only for LOVE ) narrated by Neeti Rustagi over her friend Durjoy Dutta.

And yes  !! it has that capability to pull me up to read this until the last page of this book..

So readers !! if possible go for it ...

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