Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Only Day of Love ???

I don't know how many of you are going to slang me while reading this post.This day or can be called as festival is so much loved by the Indians now a days.

"Love"-- is a feeling which comes from your heart and mind for person you love.I don't understand does this come and get exposed only on this day ? I guess I told something wrong.Not only on this day for the whole one week up to 14th February.

People are so busy in wrapping up their love inside the Gift boxes,Greetings cards,Roses and some sweet beautiful mushy dinner or outing.It's a trend now.

Love is all about commitment,understanding and faith.People are less concerned about these facts and more concerned about having a beautiful date only for one day that too on this day which was so much unknown to us once upon a time.Then what's the sense in that ?

True love is nothing to show,nothing to prove, and nothing to expect.It's all about Understanding,Care and Respect.

Ultimately True Love is REAL .... PURE .... and straight from you HEART.

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