Friday, 22 February 2013

Money Is Always Sweeter Than Honey ??

What do you feel readers about this so popular proverb ? Are you with it ?? this is quite weird but true. Practically as I am growing up and gaining some mature thoughts , I am really able to see the power of money.

Money = A small piece of paper having some special prints including Bapu's photo on it.But this small  piece of paper can change us , the human being and can do a really good puppet show by using us.

We the mankind are running in a rat race by putting ourselves in so tough competition.
We are more mechanical now with a concrete heart,forgetting all emotions.
We are becoming ungrateful and numb.
We are busy showing off our false prestige and fake status / class.
We are forgetting our near and dear ones and opting for some classy choosy friends.
We don't listen our heart,their hearts who love us most.
We judge people by their class,not by heart.
We are busy showing off our gadgets,our hang outs via social media.
We spend time in malls,cafe coffee day,KFC and Pizza Huts and busy shooting with our camera.
We are not able to differentiate between Necessity and Luxury.

We are nothing but some plastics..

But still there are few left who don't belong to this plastic society... but sad We ignore them always...

True or not ?????

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