Sunday, 3 February 2013

Archive of memories

     Archive of memories 

Here I am blogging and writing which I thought was a sudden incident in my life before few years.But today I found something priceless.I found my old scrap book and old diary ( not daily one ).And I actually got the thing.Writing was not a sudden incident,it was a part of my life then too.Yes the difference is now I write something sensible and practical ( I should call it typing rather than calling it writing) and then I used to write something fairy and imaginary words..Yes time changes us and makes us much mature.Let's start to the feeling which I actually want to share now...

Today I was willing to see some old photographs and started browsing shelf.Suddenly I saw something lying beneath those albums...I pulled them up and saw that it was my scrap book which I made nearly about 9 years ago.Saddest part is that I thought that I lost it in my college hostel...I actually had no idea that it was with me in my home.It feels awesome actually when you find something valuable in an unexpected and uncertain way .

Scrap book and slams from diary
Radio Mirchi Diary
and guess what I found something more...God was wise enough towards me today to give me all happiness together.I found another one diary which I won in 2004 at Kolkata Book Fair from Radio Mirchi for participating in a on the spot RJ hunt ... I opened and found bundle of moments among which I could remember few and few actually got smudged in this busy life...

Do you know what is so special about that scrap book ?? It was totally made by me.. Cover,Pages,Picture frames and the Design of the scrap book...Everything was done by I felt how much I used to be crazy at that time.It's not that now I am not...without having internet connection I used to collect all the information of my crush and muse.. I used to gather all the informations and pictures from here and there then used to stick them up on this scrap book...Best friend's picture,Best moments of that time and of course Greetings Cards from closest ones...Before 10-15 years there was a huge trend to give and take New Year Greetings Card.. Which I miss now-a-days...It's not in trend now... But definitely that fun was something different to cherish... today I found my craze and deeds for the serial Remix(Star One) and John Abraham...Mad me... ☺ I found out some sweet letters from Bidisha...few small paper gifts inside my scrap book like feathers,cards,pictures...And when I posted that on Facebook and tagged her,she did an awesome reply by sending me back something valuable which I gave her just before 10 years ago... So much nostalgic. Now what to say more..I had to share my joy with someone so I did... That's all I want to keep them inside my heart forever ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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