Monday, 25 February 2013

Happy Birthday Divya ...

"Aisi deewangi
Dekhi nahin kahin
Maine.. iss liye

Jaane jaana, deewana 

tera naam rakh diya... tera naam rakh diya"

Blossoming Bud ... That's all I can call her as... She was sweet , innocent , youngest and kiddish actress Bollywood ever had in it's lifetime.She is the eternal Saat Samundar girl Divya Bharati.Today is her 39th Birthday.

She was spontaneous,she was lovely,her smile was like piece of sugar.Her husky,quite strong voice with innocent throws of each dialogues hid her strong attitude.she was brave,she was happy go lucky,she was bubbly and joyous,fun loving girl real and reel life too,she knew to lead her life on her own ways.I was a small kid when she was in Bollywood.But I can clearly remember her craze and all hit tracks of her.But was very small to understand her death.It was 1993 when she left us and the Bollywood that too in a tragic mysterious way.Let's not hurt her soul  by talking about her death mystery.All kids of 90's who grew up listening her hit tracks and girls like me shook legs with Saat Samundar can never forget her.And the then youngsters ,I really can not say about you people.It must had been a sudden shock for you all especially guys who were true fan for her beauty and innocence.

Sometimes I think if she would have lived at present, many beauty queens had to do really hard job to climb up the ladder in Bollywood during 1990's.Because the time she left us, she was sitting in Queen's cathedra. Unfortunate she was,she had to leave her dreams,career and life at the age of only 19...

Wish she could celebrate her birthday like other heroines of her age do.But for past 20 years nobody has seen her and in future no one will see her too...Because on 5th April,1993 she left us.Two decades are over but she is in my heart,in your heart and in Bollywood's heart too.Bollywood is making so many Biopics.Would really love if someone tries on her story too.We would love to see.

In her memory I would like to share some unseen rare video clips of her.

She in one of her interview

Saat Samundar

Hes Scenes of Laadla which were unfinished

And here are some vidoes by her parents... To know more about her you must watch these videos

Here are some of my favorite tracks of her.

Aisi deewangi

Dil Cheer Ke dekh

Dil Kya kasoor

And many more are there.Readers who all are reading this post and getting nostalgic and going back in 90's era,for them would like to say thanks for paying a small tribute by 
reading this and by remembering her.

May her soul Rest in Peace.

Love you Divya..
You were , you are and you will always be remembered by everyone of us.

Happy Birthday Divya.

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