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Journey with a Stranger

I normally do write my thoughts.Today I am going to narrate one of my cherishing experience.You can call it as story or you may read it as a simple incident happened to me.So here it goes.

It was 2008 I can remember clearly.I was on the way to home back from my hostel after my 4th semester.That was the first time I was travelling alone(literally. Every time I got someone known before that with me to travel with).It was Howrah Mail which departs at 11.50 pm from Chennai Central.That day was quite a hectic day as I was facing some serious issues with my ticket and coach.At last before an hour I could actually manage to know my birth number and my coach.It was sleeper class and I found my place at upper part of the side passage.Good and well, planned to sleep for the rest of the journey.As the train started I started getting ready  for bed (birth) for that night.Lights turned off themselves !! and I was about to close my eyes but suddenly I could see some reflection through a pair of glasses ,later I discovered those reflections were actually staring at me.

I tried to ignore that one but unfortunately those glasses were exactly opposite to me.Whenever I was opening my eyes I could see them.Those reflections I still remember.They were gazing at me from different point of view.For certain point of time I started to reorder my dress and hair just to make me confident enough that I wasn't looking like a crazy,untidy chap.But at last I was kind of irritated rather I can say I was damn curious to know the face behind those heavy myopic spectacles which were keeping their eyes on me like a vulture.Then unaware of that fact I simply closed my eyes and slept.Normally in train whenever I close my eyes I hardly get up.Those heavy train jerks makes me feel like I am a small baby and getting some cuddly careful baby swings in mother's lap.Comfortable enough to have deep sleep.

After sometimes,may be few hours I opened my eyes up and could see the lights on.Some stupid switched them on.Oh !!! no no it was not which I thought.I could see some person with black coat asking for ticket.LOL he was checker.I was about to show my ticket suddenly my eyes fell on those glossy glassy eyes.For some instance I forgot actually about the incidents which were happening with me before good night sleep.This time I actually discovered the face behind the glasses and I discovered a slight curvy chuckle at me too.I saw a fair,smart chashmish face with slim body lying on the next upper birth just opposite to me.Neither he was sleeping nor he was interested to.I was observing him only until I could see him smiling at me with a slight groove with his eye brows.What could I do rather than smiling back at him.So I did.That's all I closed my eyes again for getting shaken up with beats of train.

On the next morning..Nah .. not morning it was half past 12.. I woke up.and definitely after finishing all the needed jobs was searching for a hot cup of tea.Suddenly my eyes went directly towards the opposite upper birth.No it was unexpected.No one was there.For an instance felt odd and then felt quite better as I was not being observed by anyone more.Suddenly I heard some husky strong voice wishing me "Good Afternoon".I looked at him and it was that same guy.. This time I could see him actually.A tall,very fair,slim guy with specs,has a look with full of intelligence and smartness.Oh!!! I was quite embarrassed to answer him back...but did the same and smiled with a sigh.What could I do ?? 

Time was not moving at all..Was trying to read some magazines and was trying to sleep hard and harder but couldn't do anything properly.I was at the bunk seat and was feeling to stand near the door and was willing to have the fresh storm like air to blow my hairs up and definitely it's always fun to watch the speed !!! Ahh !!! I got down and finally went near the door and yes again it was Mr.Unknown...

 "hey !! boring in train nuh ?? " 
--- " yes that thought to come over here "
"yes for me too" 

I am talkative enough and love to talk.and was discovering the guy was also chatprone like me.

 "you are alone I guess !! like me ??? "
---"Yeah !! for the first time I am travelling alone and feeling so boredom.what about you ?? "
"Yes!! for me it's the same though I am not alone in this train.My uncle is in another coach.But we are able to meet hardly." 
he paused and asked me " you love reading books right ?? "
---"No.Not much.But yes love to read magazines.and this boring single journey forced me to do something like that"

The train entered into Vishakhapattnam a.k.a Vizag.. This is one of my favorite stations ever where I got down for uncountable times and have had the idli,vadas and uttapams , where I walked alone so far watching the train and the station.Suddenly someone shouted " khana .. khana .. khana " . Oh it was the pantry man calling us for the lunch..We both departed and went back to our births.I was wondering who did order my lunch.I was like kumbhakaran for the whole morning.What ??? you people are guessing something right ?? No no !! it was the aged uncle of lower birth who did order for my lunch. Ha Ha!! I can still remember the way he scolded me for being that careless just like own uncle or grand father.Anyways afternoon went on like this.Lunch and then afternoon sleep.Still one more night had to pass by to be back in Kolkata.
I woke up and quickly had a cup of coffee. and went back again at the door.Again it was him.Definitely we started conversing in some interesting topics about career and studies.. I was not feeling awe full anymore as we were conversing like we knew each other well for so long.

He introduced himself as "Vijay V. A Telugu guy who was born and brought up in Kolkata from his childhood and lives in Salt lake.He was on the way to his home.A cool chap,much younger than mine ,trying his best to get a good rank in all the Engg entrance.He was in Chennai for some exams.Thus I did my introduction after so long conversation in spite of being strangers to each other.Our conversation kept on going.Debate about North Indian vs South Indian,Studies,Co curriculum etc etc.This time actually the watch hours were running like a rabbit.

And it was Bhubaneswar..It gave us a break and reminded us to have our dinner and to have a good night sleep.We had our dinner and the rest.Was very happy as the time was getting closer to see my parents,my family,my city after a long gap and mischievous hostel experience of that year.Finally I was thinking to keep my head on my mother's lap.Everyone slept off soon to get up early as the train was about to board at 4:00 am at Howrah and I knew my parents would be there to receive me.

Chaos and loud talks which broke my depth of sleep.I didn't know what the actual time was.Thought it was around 4 am...But no !! it was only 2.30 am.I was wondering about what to do.Meanwhile he called me up and we started chatting.We both knew that it was the best remedy to let time pass soon.And really time passed too.

I wonder now.He was a complete stranger and so I was for him.For both of us it was our first journey    as alone.We both were chatting and talking whatever you say to get out of boredom.We knew we were not going to meet ever.1.5 days of interaction is still being remembered by me.This story could have been another Jab We Met if I would have an Angshuman and that Vijay  would have been like an "older than me, mature guy" like Aditya and if we both could have missed out train in some other stations . Just kidding.

After reading this post I guess so many of you are thinking about some similar incidents which had happened with you while travelling.So many strangers we meet and we forget but sometimes few we can't forget at all..I shared about one of my favorite strangers I have ever met who was very friendly and very catchy to be remembered.

Will post few more incidents about few more memorable  strangers I had ever met in this short life.And I request if you readers have such experience don't forget to write to me .. I will post them on my blog. comment here..

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