Friday, 22 February 2013

Journey with a Stranger - part II

Hello friends !! I am here again after few days to share another experience of a journey with another stranger.Unlike the last stranger of my last post this time the stranger was triple of my age & yes this time too my encounter with a stranger made me feel so good.So here I am starting to write about the 27 hrs journey with an another stranger.

It was 2011.I was not studying anymore.I was already relocated at my hometown,Kolkata and was recently provided with a good comfortable job opportunity.So I was surely flying high in the sky.Unlike the last memorable journey this time I was moving from Kolkata to Chennai.It was Coromondal Exp which was about to board at sharp 1.55 pm from Howrah Station.This time I was experienced enough to have a single journey though my parents came to bid good bye with big smiles on their face.I was happy,very happy as I was about to meet my friends and some really special friends.But that was not the actual reason for me to leave Kolkata suddenly.I had to collect few certificates from my college.I was not at all sad because I knew that I was coming back after few days.It was A.C 2 tier coach.I was given a lower birth provided with some cozy blankets and pillow which were very much seducing or distracting as I was counting the time to let by soon and to fall asleep with the rhythm of train jerks.

I was looking after for some good companion and was rounding my eyes around the coach.The coach was carrying very less people.Suddenly one lady came up and sat down just opposite to my birth i.e lower birth of my opposite direction.She was around 65 to 70.She was having a typical "Bongo Nari" look with having a round specs on her eyes,a tight bun of grayish white hair and having an innocent smile on her face.She was very motherly by her looks.She was wearing a "Dhakai Jamdaani" saree and was carrying a royal image on her face.She was alone just like me.

First thing she did to me was throwing a big sweet smile at my face.I was overwhelmed.The train was still at Howrah station and my parents were at platform looking here and there.Suddenly my mother poked that unknown lady and asked her to look after me.I was kind of irritated and annoyed towards my mother's speech.But the lady assured my mother in a positive way.& the train started.

She started."What do you do ?? "
I can't explain the was she did ask to me.She was very polite,very gently spoken.I answered and that's all I became sure that I got my companion throughout the journey.

Some people say friendship doesn't have any age bar.No I can not call that coziness as a friendship.But it was all about the frequency,the wavelength of two person's mentality.I guess that was the only thing why I was attracted to that aunty and thus she was towards me.I am always talkative but this time I was speechless and was only a good listener.

She was very intelligent and well cultured lady.She was a true reader.She was carrying so many books with her,Novels too and yes also a MP3 player which was a gift from her daughter.Through out the journey She was expressing her feelings towards the modern era,about her likes dislikes.She was going to Chennai to meet her newly wed son and his wife.She was adoring her daughter's care for her and was smiling while telling all these.

In the mean time she called up her husband and started gossiping about me.She was mainly concentrating on the Bangal connection LOLz. She was saying it to her husband with so much of joy.

The whole journey went on like that.She was telling me her several sweet incidents and I was listening.Sometimes she was discussing few stories from some Novels and sometimes she was discussing some different stories of paranormal activities.She was more like a normal usual aged lady.Her personality,her soft nature,her humbleness kept me numb.I was simply listening to her every single words.The age gap didn't even matter.

That's all that journey finished as soon as the train reached Chennai  Central.She was a stranger and she remains like that to me but as A Sweet Stranger whose company made my memories sweeter.

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