Thursday, 7 September 2017

Puducherry - a slice of France in India

Life is unpredictable. Even few months ago, I could never imagine of visiting Pondycherry (Puducherry) again. I mean, yes from Bangalore it is pretty near but still, had no plan to visit Puducherry until my Ma knocked me again. Truly saying, I loved Prondycherry even in 2007 when I visited it for the first time but I was not sure to get a good company to cherish India's French city the way I always wanted. And by God's grace, I have inherited this particular habit of enjoying trips from my Ma. She loves travelling and thus I do. So why waiting, we just planned and made a mother-daughter short trip.

So, I know this post may sound synonymous to many other posts on Pondy but still, after a looong break thought to write about the trip as it was very special to my heart. It was coincidental that exactly after 10 years we revisited the same place. Sept, 2007 and Sept, 2017. We were excited more to match our old photos with the new ones to be taken. Only my didibhai (Elder sister) was missing though this time. We expected Pondy to be very hot but thankfully it didn't turn out to be like that. Weather was humid but yes heat was tolerable. We stayed in Aurobindo Ashram's guest house as we wanted that to happen. We wanted to feel the silence even more. Let me tell you, if you want to meditate or ready to follow some disciplines and maintain silence throughout, please go for Ashram's guesthouse. Else yes, there are various choices to have your comfort too. I am basically a peace seeking person and a person who loves nature. Fortunately, our room had one balcony with plenty of flower plants and a big Neem tree was right in front of us. Everytime, I could see some or other birds coming, sitting and chirping in a tune. I loved it totally. Another one big reason to love Pondicherry is the visual delight I get to see at Pondy. Clean roads shadowed by Big trees. Greens covering deep blue sky and the French architectures, neatly designed doors and of course the Sea. Cleanliness and less population make this tiny city even more beautiful. 

So when you go in Pondy, first few things to do are to visit the places which you have already in mind. Please check Tripadvisor to get some ideas and then to walk around the city or ride cycle or scooty to explore even more. We both loved walking the streets and lanes in the evening and appreciating the beauty of French homes. Having some snacks or tea at Le Cafe is pure bliss. I swear, you won't get such view in any other cafes near Rock Beach. The oldest and the cheapest I guess. Check Zomato to read reviews. I loved their service. In spite of having huge rush, they were serving their best. 

Then, if you have any plan to go to Auroville, please check the timings before you start your trip. Read the timing here. It is approx 15kms from Puducherry city and Matrimandir. So start fast and experience the beauty of nature and the Auro beach too.

For me, this trip was different than any other trips. Even before, me and ma, only we both made trip together but this trip made me so emotional that while leaving I was not at all ready to leave. One thing I realized, that sometimes it is must to go out with your parents and spend a real quality time. Because time flies, we grow up and they age. Since Kindergarten days, my ma has been that one person, with whom I have to talk daily and share my day. Even in college when I stayed far from her, I could not stop myself from talking at least once a day and same is applicable now too. Though due to work and other engagements this days we tend to give less time to our parents, but it is must to remember that even they need us .. thus this trip was special... 

Rock Beach

Immaculate conception cathedral

watching Sunrise is must


Matrimandir - Auroville 
Auro beach

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